Kamkorp Frazer-Nash EV's at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

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ELECTROSOURCE GETS ORDER FOR LIGHT-WEIGHT INTELLIGENT BATTERY. 02/01/2000 Industrial Environment Copyright 2000 Information Access Company. All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT 2000 Worldwide Videotex

Electrosource Inc., San Marcos, Texas, has received an order for its new light-weight intelligent battery the E-Power.

This initial order for 6,000 batteries from Frazer-Nash Research Ltd. is for a fleet of electric vehicles to be supplied by Frazer-Nash to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The batteries are to be delivered in the first four months of 2000. Frazer-Nash is controlled by Kamkorp Ltd., a U.K. holding company and the company's majority shareholder.

The E-Power(tm) battery uses patented manufacturing technology for light-weight and low internal resistance. The battery ordered by Frazer-Nash weighs just 18 pounds (8.2 Kg) and delivers 27Ah capacity at C5 rate. This is 25% lighter than competitive products.

Electrosource CEO Benny Jay said, "We are extremely pleased to receive this important order for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Frazer-Nash has selected our E-Power(tm) battery because of its low weight and rapid charge capability. The vehicles need only one hour to charge and can therefore operate 22 hours a day."

Gordon Dixon, Frazer-Nash regional director in Australia, said, "E-Power(tm) is a logical choice for the best Electric Vehicle performance. The intelligence in the battery increases the overall vehicle system reliability and ensures trouble-free operation."

Frazer-Nash is the exclusive supplier of electric vehicles to the Olympic Games in Sydney in September 2000.

Electrosource is a manufacturer of light-weight intelligent batteries for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, standby power and telecommuni- cation applications. For more information, call 512/753-6500.

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