Low Cost Lithium-Ion Batteries

Rocket scientist Bill Yerkes reveals to EV World that "once you use lithium ion you have a hard time going back to lesser batteries.They are twice the energy and three times the volumetric density of NiMH.The yare also inexpensive to make. Car companies he adds are surprise, surprise, not very motivated to bring on the LiON battery because it starts making the case for EV's." Consequently they'd rather promote the hybrid instead.How thoughtful of them.

EVUK's Jim Carlucci adds:
" The Lithium-ion battery goes from strength to strength: Electrofuel have recently launched an even higher-capacity version of the battery - the 'Superpolymer' Lithium-ion...the USABC (US Advanced Battery Consortium) is looking into potential electric vehicle applications. Who needs the fuel cell and filling station tyranny? Just imagine the battery advances that could and would emerge if only pure electric vehicles were allowed to become the ZEV market-norm..."

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