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(Originally posted by EVUK editors at Electric Cars UK - an EVUK-linked EV Discussion/Media Watch Group)

Transport 2000's campaign to scrap Top Gear or replace it with more responsible alternative transport programme.

Please get writing - perhaps after reading our comments below.
Deadline is stated as 31 May - but please keep writing long after that !!(There's no deadline on technological progress or the protection of the planet...)

- It just goes to show how little publicity this Transport 2000 campaign has been given by our ICE-fundamentalist "corporate service" BBC and our ICE-devoted media in general.( ICE="Internal Combustion Engine" )

Note the ever more ferocious 2-fingered salute from the BBC who have now allocated TWO hours of family primetime(7 pm) TV to Top Gear every week.
This is uniquely bullish, defiant child-targeted pro-ICE propaganda (get 'em hooked young when they're sitting on the sofa bonding with ICE-addicted dad...).

No other programme in the BBC TV schedule gets to be repeated primetime on the BBC's main terrestrial channels. Let alone a one hour programme. Even the Jonathan Ross show is only repeated on BBC3 digital - and at 10 pm.

And in the name of fair and balanced "equal time" public service TV - when will our corporately embedded BBC finally relent, repent and provide viewers with a TV programme devoted to the environment - to all aspects of eco-innovation and green technology in the UK and around the world? And for TWO hours a week please - family prime time!! EVUK has of course written to the BBC many times on this - we've even given them(with no consultation fee...) a programme title to run with : "Action Planet" - and have contacted three household name TV production companies who'd love to produce it!

Top Gear, please note, is not a motoring programme - it is an ICE programme, a show for ICE-fundamentalists that exists to defend the Internal Combustion Engine on behalf of corporate(Oil/ICE) vested interests, the government(specifically the Treasury) and male(or at least would- be "masculine") crank 'n' piston addicts.
And on behalf of the rest of the ICE/ oil / fossil-fuel food-chain.

When has the programme ever taken the carmakers to task for dragging their feet and failing to move to ZEV / EV technology as promised for so many years? Top Gear presenters - and motoring journalists in general - love to paint themselves as the cardriver's champion and best friend - so why are they not challenging carmakers and pressuring them into at last producing ultra-high fuel-efficient plug-in(able) hybrids - not to mention extremely cheap-to-run pure battery EV's?
When have they ever used their considerable power to pressure carmakers into delivering ZEV alternatives?
Never! The ICE is almost a religion to these people. They are ICE- fanatics, technological and environmental muttheads - and immensely proud of it! And these people populate the media and call the shots at our increasingly corporately correct BBC(BBC TV especially).
You see, the BBC love to defend Top Gear by saying(quote):

"The BBC can't be politically correct in all its programming".

(Yes, that's also one of ultra right-wing Fox News' favourite put-down phrases - ie. invoking over-zealous "political correctness"...)
You might therefore like to ask our corporately correct BBC why there is no show called "Top Burger" or "Top Fag" or "Top Booze".

After all, millions of people enjoy these politically incorrect products(burgers, fags,booze) every day - products which, what's more - unlike petrol and diesel engines - only pose a threat to human health.
Yet it is the Internal Combustion Engine - which threatens both human health AND the health of the planet - that is allocated TWO hours of "public service" family(-indoctrination) prime TV time every week.
Why the execrable double standards from the BBC? Why do the public and consumer groups let them get away with it?
Where is the equivalent "amusingly" politically incorrect, in yer"public service" programming for burger, cigarette and booze fans? (Come on BBC - we can't be politically correct all the b***dy time, now can we...hmm?)

As we've said before, Top Gear is where the BBC wears its heart on its sleeve.
The BBC is (ostensibly) a "public service" TV company that scrapped Tomorrow's World(a show focused on innovation and the future...) and has subsequently quadrupled the weekly air-time given over to Top Gear and shifted it to peak family primetime.
And Top Gear is a programme that is now deliberately using B-list celebs as part of its relentless ICE-mindset reinforcement armoury and has also regularly invited clerics/vicars into the studio as audience members to tell us(on a Sunday...) that(quote) "the petrol engine shows us man's god-given ingenuity and inventiveness".

And this is a programme that took three climate-killer "supercars" into two primary school playgrounds(Gigmill Primnary and Ridgehill Primary, Stourbridge, W.Midlands) and commented in the subsequent Top Gear report about it that, when they did so, the(quote) "kids were incredibly excited..which just goes to prove that when kids see cars like this they don't go on about the environment all the time as some people would have us believe."

And this supercars-in-the-playground edition by the way was aired in the week(Nov 2002) of the massive Prestige oil spill off the coast of N.East Spain/S.West France.
We of course asked the BBC and Top Gear why they didn't take some schoolchildren instead to look at some dead and dying oil-drenched birds in S.W. France...then show them the stunningly fast, long-range, highly energy-efficient all-electric TZero sports' car being recharged from renewable energy - and thus teach the kids(and the adults) the sort of lesson they should - urgently - be learning.

Transport 2000's campaign to scrap Top Gear or replace it with a more responsible alternative.

Contact Top Gear: or BBC complaints/feedback at: ,,,,

Please get writing. Deadline? You decide!
And please feel free to use extracts from the above!

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