May 2004 - UK EV Discussion Group kicks off - EVeryone's invited!

- Long-time EV-fan, activist and frustrated would-be electric car owner-driver Brian McMillan has contacted us to let us know he's set up a new Yahoo EV Discussion Group.
Although everyone's welcome to sign up and join the fray - Brian tells us one of his aims as moderator will be to keep the focus on EV activism - ie. getting the truth out about EV and battery technology and generally breaking through all the EV hostility and misinformation out there.
Like us, Brian doesn't want to see another insular techie talking shop:
"Being a non-technical type I'm really most interested in trying to make progress in terms of putting pressure on the car manufacturers(and the media!?) in the UK to sell us viable electric cars. For the minute, it seems to make more sense to keep the technical stuff on the DIY EV Cars discussion group and the news about commercially available cars and pressure group action on this one."

So why not join up (20 seconds max..) - and start re-volting now!
To get a flavour of the EV group's goals, vibe, attitude etc - take a look(after signing up...) at these early postings:
1) Brian McMillan's 'Welcome' message - click
2) Our own (EVUK's) opening salvos: 1 & 2
3) Ralph Nader, GE & the (anno)1968 300 mile/charge EV concept - click

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