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Fuel cell hard-sell and filling station dependancy..

Americans, unlike Europeans, have every reason not to question the growing fuel cell hype. This side of the pond, however, you can bet your bottom Euro that every vested interest in sight - taxman, oil-turned-hydrogen fuel-supplier(ie. BP, Texaco, Shell etc.) , 'ICE'-maker and 'ICE' retailer(see 'Glossary') - will frantically connive and collude to keep the price of hydrogen fuel pegged at least as high as that of petrol.

Indeed Exxon, Toyota and GM have since 1998 been openly conspiring - sorry "collaborating" - to ensure that we actually continue to use petrol(!) to power our fuel cell cars. So - there'll be no ulterior motives there then. - Europe's drivers have two clear eco-nomical escape routes from this filling-station tyranny:

1) charge-at-home battery EV's like the e-Ka, Altra, Sunrise (see DIY clean electricity Hotlinks) AND....

2) fuel cell vehicles powered by 'home brew', DIY hydrogen - ideally stored as liquid for real range. (Attempts will no doubt be made to ban this option on "safety" grounds). Don't expect the media here to dwell on these fuel cell 'negatives': they will no doubt simply continue to dance to whatever tune the carmakers and car advertisers want them to twirl to....
(See also The Economist (24th March): 'The Fuel Cell's Bumpy Ride'
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