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HOTWIRE:        07/07/07 - 07/07/12
Note: EVUK was subjected to a very selectively targeted Cyber Attack in early 2012 in which our entire "Hotwires" folder archive was wiped..
Our lengthy article(with multiple unique/rare video links) re Live Earth, Earth Song, Will.I.Am and the nailing and crucifixion(sic) of Michael Jackson were all vaporized as was Moira G's very popular long-standing piece about the Toyota RAV4 EV in Jersey in the UK channel islands as well her extended visit to California and Hollywood where she interviewed actor-environmentalist Ed Begley Jnr in his RAV4 EV and in his modest solar-powered home and where she also worked for a summer for ZAP(ebikes) in Santa Rosa Jersey - UK Channel Islands- Police RAV4 EV & Moira G.and interviewed ebike police for EVUK.

Yes, a decade ago it was she - and she alone - who broke the UK-EU-wide taboo and tested the RAV4 EV in Jersey(famed as an offshore UK tax haven) and interviewed the island's police and fire services as well as Europcar who rented the EV's to many enthusiastic tourists for several years until it was eventually unpopularly scrapped by Toyota et al.

CNN plugs EVUK, RAV4 EV, cites Moira G etc...
It was largely thanks to Moira G's tireless global EV odyssey, travelogues(USA, Japan, France, UK etc), dialogues over a dozen years ago that CNN and many other mainstream media outlets regularly contacted us for EV insights - unfortunately we always insisted on telling them what they did not want to hear ie. "We'll only respond and assist if you agree to mention Toyota's RAV4 EV and its ongoing very popular trial in Jersey."
Only one media outlet ever actually agreed to reference the RAV4 and Jersey - CNN International(how times have changed..). Their article titled "Hopes Rise for Cleaner Vehicles" is amazingly still intact and in situ - here's the crucial extract re EVUK, Moira G, Toyota's RAV4 EV's in Jersey, the Ford e-Ka etc -
- CNN :
 'Critics say Toyota should not end the Jersey scheme, but should extend it to a town or city on the British mainland...the RAV4 EV is available for lease in the USA and is the most popular car with EV Rental. It would prove very attractive in the UK at a cost of 1p a mile. I get many enquiries as to how to get hold of a long-range EV" EVUK editor Moira Govan told CNN. '

Below is a restored and now extended/enhanced even more 'subversive' version of the Live Earth/Michael Jackson/Will.i.am piece.
See our especially dangerous 'Conspiracy Nut' pill-swappin' little footnote ...

We're still working on restoring Moira G's "RAV4 EV in Jersey / Jersey Dreamin" journalistic gem.

LIVE EARTH at Wembley 7/7/07:
"SOS Help Us Out" - BLACK EYED PEAS' Will.i.am -
Video(left) & Lyrics:

Will.i.am Live Earth Earth Song Military Industrial
"Do We Give A Damn ?" - last line of Earth Song(right)

"SOS Help Us Out" - BLACK EYED PEAS'  Will.i.am - lyrics:

People killing, people dying, people lying, people blind
People don't see the sign, chasing money all the time
Get the money, get the dimes, get the cash is the mindstate
Of the human race, people on the paper chase
Da environment is fragile, and we been on the gradual
Declining in a life time or lose the battle
Get burnt by volcanoes, swept by tornadoes
Cause Mother Nature signals, is trying to warn NATO
We got a new terror threat, it's called the weather
More deadlier than nuclear and chemical together
It's hotter in the winter, even hotter in the summer

Jesus, Mohammed, somebody come and help us out
Lord come down and help us out
Send us an angel, help us out
SOS, help us out
I'm looking all around and I'm watching the world, changing
Open up your eyes, you can see things rearranging

Cause people trapped behind the gates, ignorance is in the state of mind
Cause they formulate a plan just to penetrate us
You see they stimulate us, with fear, manipulate us
Each year they dominate dividing us like calculators
And we can't add it up cause calculators do the math for us
And here they come chopping down, chopping down our rainforest
Fucking up the air for us, they don't really care for us
But we can't complain, because the only one to blame is us
The gas is rising up but we keep on filling up
CO2 levels got the whole planet heated up
It's hotter in the winter, even hotter in the summer

Jesus, or Buddha, somebody come and help us out
Lord come down and help us out
Send us an angel, help us out
SOS, help us out
I'm looking all around and I'm watching the world, changing
Open up your eyes, you can see things rearranging
Cause maybe the world is dying
And if they say it's gonna be alright, then people are lying

When the eskimo gets bit by a mosquito
Somebody in Miami will get swept by a tsunami
Rastas in Jamaica will get hit by a quake that
Registers somethin' like 7.8 ("7 point 8")
You see it's situations happening with our planet
Cause, 50 years ago we took it for granted
We should have took advantage, and reversed the damage
Instead of just pumping it and selling it and slanging the gas
And while we purchased the gas
We was watching soap operas while they steady brainwashed the masses
Cause we could make a vehicle that runs off ashes/acid
But they don't own a patent for that
.. and that's exactly what's happening
Corruption and bullshit politics
The planet's gonna die cause of bullshit politics
It's hotter in the winter, even hotter in the summer
And we can come together to figure and figure it out

London come down and help us out
Send us an angel, help us out
SOS, ya'all
I'm lookin' all around and I'm watching the world, changing
Open up your eyes, you can see things rearranging
..w-o-rld etc


MJ - Too Dangerous ? Too influential ? Too powerful ?
See "HIStory" tour/album and "
This Is iT" : on stage and in "They Don't Care About Us" and "Earth Song" - Jackson had the courage/temerity to literally stand up to the TWO most powerful symbols of the Military Industrial Complex and/or War Machine and/or Prison Industrial Complex - Tanks and Bulldozers - and to quote and reference Martin Luther King and his historic 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech.

Live Earth : Earth Song
..from 2007 ..to 2009 and Michael Jackson's Earth Song: Rachel Corrie meets Alice In Wonderland .. meets Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth...

Bulldozers, Tanks, the Military Industrial Prison Complex, the War Machine: MJ put himself in the cross-hairs - and probably paid the ultimate price(see "The Final Hit" below)...
Earth Song Corrie Meets Wonderland Alice meets Gore

Video backdrop, low sound - but in breathtaking HD quality:
Earth Song Corrie Meets Wonderland Alice meets Gore

Earth Song Military Industrial

Martin Luther Prison Industrial War Machine - They Dont Care

July 3, 2010: a typical attempt by Britain's/the world's
gutter, sewer, cesspit corporate media (see the Daily Mail) to character assassinate/crucify an Inconvenient Messenger/Disruptive Truth-Teller ie. Al Gore
"How Saint Al Gore, the Sanctimonious Eco-Crusader, Lost His Halo (and his wife!)"

(Ah yes - we Brits are soooo way ahead of America when it comes to protecting the planet, climate change etc, right?!)

It's also worth remembering of course - whilst on the subject of crucifying messengers - that the This Is It concerts(x50) were set to feature:

- a supersized sinister-satanic bulldozer bursting onto the stage .. stopped in its tracks at the last moment by MJ - arms outstretched
- as well as the following key, highly provocative extract from Martin Luther King Jnr's "I Have A Dream" speech:
"in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation."

Odd isn't how the good - especially the black good - so often die so young: King, Malcolm, Bob Marley, Hendrix ...

"This Is It" - too "Dangerous" ..for the Usual Suspects ?
Travis Payne - Jackson's choreographer- confirms what many had already deduced - watch video interview.
And here's the essential transcript extract: Travis Payne MJ Green Planet Dangerous Fatal ThisIsIt

"One unsung, behind-the-scenes person who can give some great insight into the movie said that one of the highlights of the tour was to be "Dangerous" ...
"Payne said this tour was going to be different because he(Jackson) wanted to bring attention to the destruction of the planet.."

Payne: "This Is It" was very different in that, you know, yes, it was his return to the stage, but I think that there was a much greater purpose for him to do the show than just to return to the stage:  he oftentimes spoke of the condition of the planet and how as humanity we have lost sight of so many things that are important to survive and I think that "This Is It" was a vehicle to continue to convey those messages..." (extract end)

One thing's for sure: the corporate media's relentless attempts over many years to merely character assassinate Jackson à la Al Gore had clearly failed to kill the singer's/messenger's popularity - and at age 50 the iconic MJ had become far more politically dangerous and environmentally-focused than ever. And most importantly of all he was able to directly, subliminally, emotionally, visually, magically communicate and spread a profound sense of outrage at the fossil-fuelled mIlitary-industrial-corporate War-Machine to a uniqely vast & varied demographic from age 3 to 123(approx). An audience that otherwise can normally be so very easily consumer-ized, commodified, trivial-ized, hyper-sexualized, de-sensitized, material-ized, ego-centrified, mego-tized, cretinized, de-politicized and neutralized....(sorry - we obviously forgot homogenized and

Hmm... Michael Jackson - and the Final Hit ?
Earth Song Military Industrial
Now why on Earth would anyone want to nail, crucify or
(character-) assassinate this inspirational black & white musical icon ?
(Watch extended live Munich concert video)

'Conspiracy Nut'  footnote:
- Dead simple:  obviously the simplest and cleverest way to eliminate MJ would have been to employ 'security agents' to clandestinely replace a few of his painkillers and/or sleep-inducers(tablets, vials, bottles, sachets etc) with identically-packaged, identical-looking, specially prepared fortified/extra-concentrated substitutes or duplicates ie. containing for example twice the normal quantity of active ingredient. The administering doctor would simply have acted as an unwitting patsy and would inevitably take all the blame..
  All-in-all a triple-whammy, win-win-win for the perpetrators. And MJ himself can be smeared, condemned for the HIStory books and for all time as being twice the pill-popping junkie that he had possibly become whilst preparing for his final Most Dangerous Ever concert tour.
And the most likely "perpetrators" - the key suspects ? The usual of course: the fossil-fuelled military-industrial-economic War Machine.

What MJ ?! You dared to stand up to tanks & bulldozers - and the forces behind them - on stage ... and you threatened / promised to deliver FIFTY live climate-change-highlighting performances?
Tragically, the fact is that "They" really do "Care" about "Us" when faced with a threat of such global and enduring magnitude.

Key lyric from "They Don't Really Care About US"

"If Martin Luther was livin'
He wouldn't let this be"

And even more potently and provocatively - the opening line from the original audio recording of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech is played/overlaid loudly and proudly on the HIStory album as it was on the eponymous sell-out tour and stage performance:

"In what will go down in history as the greatest march for freedom in the history of our nation"
(..it's also - unsurprisingly and defiantly - included in "This Is It" )

Ah yes, King & The King of Pop.
The Final Hit.
Just make the connection..
(all you weird and,er,wacko-as-jacko "conspiracy nuts"..)


1) ostensibly the only,er, sensible, credible, non-nutty conspiracy out there - eagerly and shamelessly promoted by the corporate media from the get-go - is that MJ may(well) have been disposed of by malevolent music industry moguls.
So yet another yawningly predictable "false flag" decoy, diversion, distraction for the politically/environmentally dormant masses ...

2) Jackson gets as much radio airplay dead as when alive ... yet the Grammy-winning Earth Song and They Don't Care About Us are never/VERY seldom heard.
Surprise surprise.

3) The now Youtube'd, maturing green-black, dangerous, eco-activist "This Is It" version of "Earth Song" says it all far more eloquently and slam-dunkingly than we ever could. Every judge & jury should see it before returning a verdict.

4) Al Gore (green crusader, Inconvenient Truth, Nobel Prize, Live Earth) was shamelessly witch-hunted and character-assassinated by our eco-hostile media and by the military-industrial-ecomomic machine it serves.

5) Barack Obama's black Green Economy Tsar Van Jones was unceremoniously removed from the White House for doing his job.

Unfortunately the public and most of the Jackson family simply and inevitably/axiomatically fail to understand that the increasingly, evangelically green, anti-war MJ posed a uniquely far-reaching global threat to the environmentally comatose/hostile mindset-norm that the media and our ecologically derelict education systems work so hard to inculcate and perpetuate.

See Green Is The New Red(and the new Black, M L.King Jnr, Malcolm X, Hendrix, Van Jones...Robert Kennedy)
- green-black, anti-military-industrial + global name-recognition = (career) death-sentence. Period.

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