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"Who Killed the electric Toyota RAV4?"
Well, the UK/EU media for a start - and they're still burying it
Who  Killed Toyota RAV4 EV
"Who Killed the electric Toyota RAV4?"
Well, the UK/EU media for a start - and they're still burying it

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June, 2011

Audi,media,public ignore DBM..DBM conforms to norm(ie. 200 km/125 miles max range -temporarily, tactically, diplomatically ?)
DBM Next Energy SHORT long range tests

Timeline: June 1st - DBM announce - again NOT on their own website - that Next Energy is to road-test three DBM Kolibri-powered Audi A2 EV's - but(you cannot be serious, guys!!) all three will,er, boast(not!) a radically and indefensibly reduced, '97 RAV4 EV official range of just 200 km/ 125 miles. This comes just a week or so after VW-Audi re-confirmed its wholehearted, highly inventive commitment to endless EV PR-EVarication and PR-ocrastination(aka kicking the car-can down the road..till 2015 with all-new Audi A2 EV PRomises)

Sorry - but it is impossible to imagine any credible technical research rationale for this pitifully predictable DBM climb-down - on the contrary it would incontrovertibly be far better - for comparative research purposes - to fit the three cars with varying range capabilities eg. 350km, 250 km, 200 km.
Strangely and self-contradictingly Next Energy spokeswoman Dr. Bettina Lenz herself comments that:
"The long range(!!! EVUK Ed.) is ideal for our research project since our aim is to investigate the practical day-to-day performance of electric cars beyond the city".
(EVUK free translation of original: "Die grosse Reichweite ist ideal fuer unser Forschungsprojekt, schliesslich wollen wir Erkenntnisse ueber die Alltagstauglichkeit von Elektrofahrzeugen ausserhalb der Staedte gewinnen" )

"Long range"!! 200 km / 125 miles ? In vehicles otherwise identical to the Audi A2 that recorded over 600 km on its Munich-Berlin run and proved a rolling-road 714 km capability on a DEKRA rolling road ?

Sorry Dr.Lenz - but no "Dr" title or doctorate is - or has ever been - needed to instantly grasp what the patently obvious advantages of long range are - this is as abundantly clear now as it was when the 200 km/charge RAV4 EV was launched 14 years ago and 15 years ago when the 4-seat Solectria Sunrise recorded 600+ km on a single charge. No - just one burning question needs thorough investigation Dr.Lenz et al :
ie. Where (and why..) exactly were you and the German automotive/political/media establishment hiding, sleeping and pretending not to notice for 12-15 years ?!

Inaudible Truth & Invisible Charging Elephants:

See Auto Express, May 31st "Reborn Audi A2 Is Ready to Charge In" (er,by 2015 that is!!)
For all those who may have missed it - here's a very fair, slightly satirical synopsis of the latest VW-Audi divert & distract EV PRomise:

"We're gonna build an all-new, all-electric lightweight A2 EV from the ground up - so (phew!) it can't possibly be in showrooms until 2015-ish. Oh - and we've (still) never heard of DBM Energy ..and neither have our employees who are also very keen indeed to wait until 2015. Meanwhile we hope - like so many other major automakers - to sell 100's of thousands more petrol/diesel cars over the next 4 years - esp. to the Chinese - whilst riding the perpetual greenwash-wave of EV PRomises, PRocrastination & jam tomorrow ...."

And of course - no reference anywhere to any trailblazing 600 km/charge Audi A2's - either by VW-Audi or by any of the PRoxy-pundits/PR parrots lining up to so eagerly and word-perfectly report the company's latest wondrously well-timed, DBM-snubbing mañana-manoEVre ....

But according to Auto Express's "insiders", Audi's own employees are terrifically excited by the company's latest
car-can-kicking announcement - and would thus appear to have no access to Google/Bing etc and - ergo - no knowledge of DBM's ready-to-roll Kolibri lithium cells...

2015 ? No audience plaudits from us guys - this is once again much more about kicking cans down the road and into the
long grass from the grassy 'ground up' - than any genuine fast-track, asap commitment to Vorsprung durch E-Technik.

Excerpt from Auto Express(who've also apparently ,um,never heard of DBM Energy ...) :

"An insider told us: "It will only be an electric car. Most battery models are compromised as they are built on rehashed architecture, but the A2 will be built from the ground up as a pure electric machine."
"The idea is so popular [at Audi] that it could even spawn a family of A2 electric models and become almost a standalone brand...The new model is scheduled to reach dealers by 2015, and spearhead Audi's electric car drive"".

See also:
Next Energy - re DBM, A2 EV's x 3 and the (oxy)moronic "125 miles = long range" etc...

Clean Thinking "DBM Energy Supplies Kolibri Batteries for Research Centre" ("DBM Energy liefert Kolibri Akkus für Forschungszentrum")

IWR(Business Network): "E-Mobility: NEXT ENERGY Begins Rural Field Tests" ("Elektromobilitaet: NEXT ENERGY startet Feldtest im laendlichen Raum")

DIY Electric Car(English !) - Wow - a grand total of two DBM-Next Energy-related Google Search comments in English - including "I wish there were more English-language news outlets covering this"(EV understatement of the decade ?).

Incredible ! In no area of technology/energy/energy storage/transport/industry/the economy/ecology could the stakes be higher, the silence more shameful, the truth more inaudible..

May, 2011

German Gov't tests(BAM,DEKRA) prove DBM Energy's 600+ km range / 5000 recharges / safety claims
- so why are automakers AND EV reporters still ignoring this genuine & giant lithium leap

(Full EVUK piece probably pending: watch this space - or click here to fill it yourselves ..)

DBM English text test results Remember: DBM Energy insist - logically and understandably unless you distrust top-rated German Govt test officials - that their now proven lithium technology is ready to roll  now - not mañana-mañana-mañana - or 3-5-7-10-n years from
The Day After Mañana...

So exactly what are BMW and VW-SEAT-Audi and the world's media waiting for ?   Where's that legendary Need For Speed ?
IBE, i3, i8 .. i-wait and i-wait and i-wait and i-wait...
(..and get more and more i-rate ?)

Full speed ahead - vroom vroom and pedal-to-the-metal, right guys?

Carpe DIEM, Carpe DBM - and grab that competitive, innovative edge - that vital Vorsprung durch E-Technik..

Essential (proof-)reading :
In plain English: summary of Govt/BAM/DEKRA Performance & Safety test results. Passed "with flying colours" ..
"...the KOLIBRI technology was subjected to an independent range test by German certification institute DEKRA at its test center at the Lausitz EuroSpeedway racetrack in Klettwitz, Germany.(..) The required condition of covering a distance of 300 km within 7 days was met in one session on a roller dynamometer, indicating a range of 454.83 kilometers with the 62,928 kWh LMP battery.Adjusted for the battery capacity of 98 kWh at the time of the worldwide range record, the range would have been 714 km."

May, 2011

Illuminati Seven - 207 MPGe, 0-60: 8 secs, 130 mph, 4 seats - in SF style(video)

illuminati Seven - range+speed
Aerodynamic for range, speed and head-turning(though not for 3-point turning or city parking..)
Illuminati Motor Works home

But - as always - let's benchmark and measure this against the scandalously unreported(UK/EU etc) and underreported(US) 1996 600 km, 4-seater Solectria Sunrise -what a long way we haven't come(?)

Solectria Sunrise -Rare clip
Watch extremely rare video(only one known to us) of Solectria Sunrise being driven in this Trans2 "not a golf cart" promo.
Note: the Solectria - bearing the number "63" - appears twice: at 26 secs & 46 secs.

Wiki note: we're flattered/honoured/right chuffed to see that much of Wikipedia's Solectria Sunrise entry has been freely lifted from our own(EVUK) May 2007 Solectria piece ..although Wikipedians have yet to include the pièce de résistance - ie. the outrageously - yet all-too predictably - rare video footage of this potentially transformative, dangerously disruptive, range record-breaking/holding EV in motion.

Note to all head-shakingly appalled alien visitors / intelligent (ex)terrestrial life-forms: that's right..10000's of Youtube clips of cats & prats prat-falling, monkeys on roller skates etc - but just one solitary semi-clandestine clip of the Solectria Sunrise - a vehicle that promised/threatened to change almost EVerything.
Explanation ? Excuses ? Solutions ? Antidotes ? Desperate measures ?
"SOS - Help Us Out. Send Us An Angel !" Live Earth
was's Live Earth appeal (video)

- but the angel angle alone might not suffice - maybe what we urgently now need is a 100% benign AIDS-like virus(Earth Aid, spread via wind and/or sex, no downside) that significantly enhances not just "intellectual" brain-power - but also dramatically and permanently expands, enriches and excites those cerebral regions where conscience, vision, imagination etc reside.

 So guys - intelligent human or alien altruists, EThical ET's etc - if you could cook that up that contagion for us..aid us, Save Our Species - rather than perhaps contemplating destroying humanity or waiting for us to destroy ourselves, the planet's ecosystem and a few thousand more endangered species - we'd sure appreciate the generous gesture...
Q: is it more far-fetched, fanciful, delusional to believe in the power of politicians to work miracles or to do the right thing - than in the existence/omnipotence of:
a) aliens
b) angels ?
Discuss! (Down the pub, on yer death-bed, at the water-cooler, in the corridors..of power ...)

EV Range - Postscript News(May):

SIM Drive(Japan) claim 207 mile range for 4-seat EV(Discovery)

BMW i3 to have 160 mile range - or should that be 160 km / 100 miles ? Do the math, the research - and the wishful-thinking. Ooops.
"BMW i3 to have 160 mile range"(MotorAuthority,May,2011)
"BMW i3 to have 100 mile range"(MotorAuthority,May,2011)
"BMW i3 to have 160 mile range"(Autoguide,May 2011)
"BMW i3 to have 100 mile range"(AllCarsElectric,May 2011)
"BMW i3 to have 160 mile range"(THeEEStory,May 2011)

Let's insist on at least 160 miles(not km).

May, 2011

Fiat 500(40 mpg - woah!) v Fiat Ecobasic(94 mpg, €5000 - proven and promised over a decade ago..) v Fiat 500 EV

Yep, 94 mpg, 160 km/h, 76g CO2/km, €5000...(see video below)

So much for the corporate media's beloved eco-deterrent refrain:

"Are consumers willing to pay to go green ?"
"Are consumers willing to pay to go green ?"
"Are consumers willing to pay to go green ?"

Hmm - when what they should be asking of course is:
- do we in the media have the requisite will, independence and all-round cojones to pressure, cajole, embarrass major corporations into selling energy-saving or fuel-efficient next generation green technologies at low or competitive prices ?

So - do you belong to that 99% of consumers and compliant-silent commentators who've apparently no recollection at all of the 94+ mpg(German TUV-validated),
4-seater, European award-winning, promised-but-not-delivered, Fiat Ecobasic ?
What's your excuse for amnesia/ignorance this time around?
Are you loaded down and bristling with all the very latest and smartest, i-Googling, i-Twittering, 3G- , 3D- , Wi-Fi-enabled,
Me-Now gadgetry that money can buy - but still lacking the ability, the will - the independent, intellectual spark of curiosity - to seek out or recall/retain the truth and the facts
- to fill in the abysmal blanks ?
Then why not consider a career in corporate or political PR ? Or mainstream journalism ?

Mocking birds...
Fiat 500 PR Parrot USA PR_etty_Polly
Watch Fiat's "hand-picked" and usefully clueless Laura Soave(above,left) on Bloomberg TV recently raving about the tiny Fiat 500' 40 mpg fuel "economy" :
"Soave Says Fiat's Raised Chrysler Stake Part of Original Plan"    Soave also says she's keen to avoid a green image - unlike the plumaged parrot(above,right),

Then read this superb Ecobasic review from CarDesign,anno 2000(..hand-picked above-left Laura clearly hasn't) :
Fiat Ecobasic CarDesign Review
"Fiat Unveils Its 3L/100 km Concept Car...."

A poultry - sorry - paltry 40 mpg for a car as small as the Fiat 500 in the year 2011 ?!
Fiat's Sergio Marchionne and his faithful flock of chirpily bird-brained US PR-parrots should be hiding their heads in shame and embarrassment - as should all those equally wired-yet-clueless trendy New Yorkers who've apparently so eagerly swallowed the spin..
(Yikes, Sergio - are we risking waking up one day soon to find a horse's head on our pillow? Or a bird's brain - possibly from a dead/deceased parrot ??)

Video On Road 94 mpg Ecobasic
Ecobasic - click for unsurprisingly rare, on-the-road video of one of the most important truth-exposing, myth-busting, price-busting(5000 Euros !) fuel-efficient, disruptive, transformative 4-seater cars never made...

Back to Ecobasics - Back to the...Future Fiat 500 EV - if modelled and based on Ecobasic principles and materials we would expect a battery range of at least 150 miles...

Yes,sure - the Fiat Ecobasic was SOA diesel-powered - but this should account for a maximum 50% - not 230% - mpg advantage over the latest Fiat 500. Bear in mind too that the Ecobasic achieved 94+ mpg despite being substantially longer/larger/taller than the Fiat 500... what's more the Ecobasic's *duck-billed platypus "aerodynamics"(not!) make the Fiat 500 petrol or EV versions look like sleek, slippery, streamlined dolphins...ergo: let's expect or demand at least 150 miles per charge from the 2012 Fiat 500 EV.

(*Apologies to duck-billed platypuses everywhere who - despite their negative duck-out-of-water press - are in fact very slinkily, silkily smooth swimmers(Youtube): high time obviously for an electrified amphibious Ecobasic à la Rinspeed sQuba..)

April, 2011

Newsworthy: anti-nuclear, green Germany leads European recovery

Spot the difference: CNBC USA discusses Pringles crackers...
Pringles Laughing Stock
(Click for clips/chips)
German DAF TV Lyxor New Energy
...whilst German TV's DAF business channel(the perfectly clinical Astra Sat antidote) focuses on global, distributed, decentralized and centralized renewable energy/energy conservation investment opportunities(Lyxor New Energy Fund, WAEX/World Alternative Energy Index)

Amusing, is it not, how our corporate media, most politicians - including the confidently hapless Obama - and most blokes down the pub seem so woefully unwilling to join the dots and draw the obvious conclusions from the literally shining example being set by Germany.

The lesson of course is as clear as sunlight - do we really need to spell it out or reach for the glove-puppets?

Yet for every 10000 hours(approx) that our utterly, irreversibly, discredited US-UK business broadcasters(aka the Laughing Stock) spend focusing on - or obediently targeting - the EU's weaker victim economies - Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland(Italy conspicuously less so...) we are - surprise surprise - treated to at best just a few nanoseconds of airtime covering the increasingly green and rosy political and economic landscape of Germany - aka the economic and ecological powerhouse of Europe in 2011.(Countless EU countries are also turning green - but mostly with envy)

Question(to most blokes & Daily Males down-the-pub) :
- given a choice, guys, where would you honestly now invest your life savings: in oil & gas-rich, nuke-amnesiac Russia, Atom-ized Albania for instance - or in Germany's DAX, TecDAX stock markets and in its high yield, high return, high dividend intellectual capital and resources ?

Or mit anderen Worten: Who ya gonna side with - Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, the IAEA, pint-sized Sarkozy and Ahmadinejad (with their shared, suspiciously Napoleonic/Freudian nuclear power & prowess fixations) - or with the German Aerospace Center and the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment & Energy ?
Most Germans now understand that nuclear power is not just unnecessary but is seriously hindering the rapid adoption and roll-out of smart, green, sustainable - and in the mid-to-long term - cheaper alternatives.
"We can shut down all nuclear power plants within a few years, without major costs, and without suffering shortages" (Olav Hohmeyer, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Flensburg, and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - see, 01/04/2011)

And to all those countries, mis-leaders and shoulder-shrugging peoples of the world(..and Albania) who have been so easily duped and seduced by the perceived-yet-delusional political prestige and prowess of nuclear power - how could you have ignored and largely still be ignoring - the German lesson ? Could it be - in part at least - because our old-hat, old-school media has for so long refused to freely expose the dark side of nuclear(ie.waste,safety,cost) and to fully explore green alternatives ?

Compare & contrast Japan and Germany: for the past decade or more the Japanese economy - despite and in part because of its creativity-stifling, job-killing nuclear myopia - has been going nowhere fast.

Similarly France's gastronomic and atomic economy would be substantially less viable and its nuclear industry's subsidies far less affordable without many billions a year in CAP subsidies. (see Reform the CAP)

FAQ / FMC: how on earth can any country possibly expect to achieve and sustain economic prosperity without nuclear power ?

Vorsprung Glove Puppet Pringlesdurch gruene Technik & gruene Politik
There we've spelled it out after all ...

Anyone still in need of a German lesson ? Here's one more:

DBM Energy appear to haveDBM Audi A2 DEKRA test 2011 learned from their many mistakes(but a "trust us" press release - dated April 1st !?).
And whilst they're learning by doing - we're all hoping and praying. Low cost, 200+ mile-per-charge EV's will change everything and help drive the smart, green, power-up, non-trickle-down economy that has been so long resisted and feared by the business-as-usual, boom & bust brigade.

Yes - it's officially official: DBM's Kolibri cells have now passed strenuous DEKRA and BAM tests and - not before time - the company has also launched a fully revamped, ready-for-business website(though still no English/international version)
But, as before, the jury is still out for the count on ...
a) the Guinness drought(we need records served up in black & white please) and
2) that warehouse fireball ..

What's more, the English-language media(web & old-hat) have at last broken their (Nov-March) silence re DBM's many mysterious mis-steps and mishaps ...

A little more Teutonic tuition:
Picturesque Philippsburg, Germany
Not In My Back Yard for much longer. The German political and economic landscape is changing fast thanks to green, blue-sky thinking..(Photo: picturesque church-tower and picturesque PV panels in picturesque Philippsburg, Germany)

PostScript: the Sunny Side/Sonnenseite on DAF TV...broadcast 72 hours after the posting up of above piece ..."Meltdown in Japan: Time to Bet on Solar Stocks"
(Or - slightly more ironically perhaps - on Ocean Current technology...)

Foresight footnote - EVUK(June 2010):

NuClear and Prescient Anger, NuClear and Present Danger, China/Japan/French Syndrome, politicians swallowing post-meltdown food/lies/half-truths, our "Don't Ask Don't Tell" consent-enabling, self-censoring corporate media, Jack Nicholson's "Can't Handle the Truth" etc etc etc....
So what is the Japanese for:
"Ya gotta live in the real world, mate" ?

March, 2011

C-Zero at : low cost, low-energy UK housing - to be confused, evidently, with Citroen's

Voila: two equally disruptive, transformative
Enemies of the Status Quo: EV's & low cost/low energy housing.
Game-changers but apparently - so far at least - definitely and defiantly not name-changers !

Boris HIGNFY Lost Irony

Now just suppose, juxtapose and join these dashed dots for a little jolly joined-up government:

March 26, 2011: "London Mayor Greets the Citroen C-Zero"

A fine time now, surely, for the clearly conflicted Mayor to cleverly, cunningly confirm his putative green credentials by driving said French C-Zero to one of British C-Zero's low cost, sustainable et non-nuclear housing projects -
- see "London Assembly to Investigate Mayor's Ability to Meet Housing Challenges"

The irony would certainly not have been lost on HIGNFY Boris(Youtube) ...

February, 2011

DESERTEC: N.Africa solar Revolution/ReVolt - latest
(esp. re Moroccan Revolt, unrest, protests - details below)

See also: - and video link below

CSP Saves The World Concentrated solar..concentrating minds: in our June 2008 EVUK news piece "Concentrated Solar Could Save The World - 1% of Sahara Desert Could Zap Nuclear & Coal" we wrote the following:

"Sustainable security - avoiding a "Nigerian Nightmare" scenario: the technological challenges have now been met - the key challenge will be to ensure that the ordinary people of N. Africa genuinely reap the rewards - and that energy revenues do not end up in the hands of a wealthy powerful elite - as is so often the case in oil and gas-rich regions of the world (..) A highly efficient, high-voltage('HVDC') Supergrid would transform N.Africa(energy, desalinated water,economic prosperity) and help power all of Europe - day and night."

NB. re Revolt-Revolution-Reform in Morocco : just one late-breaking correction to Desertec's latest(hopeful?) comment re Morocco that:
"Morocco, where the first DESERTEC reference project is envisioned, is currently NOT affected by the political unrest.."

Sorry guys - but here's the latest, breaking good/bad news:

"Morocco Protests Planned for 20th February"
"Feb 20th is Morocco's Day of Rage"

So another cause for Egyptian-style celebration then ?
(Unlike: French Nuclear Power - for sun-drenched Morocco -
- what a waste, travesty, liability, absurdity, surreality etc)

( Post Script: the above,er, wacko/leftie/treehugging/eco-freakish etc etc EVUK comment was posted circa 3 weeks BEFORE the Japan tsunami / Fukushima partial nuclear meltdown: as we've pointed out countless times over the past decade or so - foresight is a wonderful thing - or at least would be if only the willfully/proudly/proactively comatose-clueless NIMBY majority would finally get a Googleable grip on a few eco-realities & inconvenient truths)

Oddly or "oddly" or predictably, even Al Jazeera has now conspicuously stopped all reporting of unrest,rage,planned protests in Bahrain,Algeria,Jordan,Yemen - Yep, fine..Morocco - ssshh ?!

TREC Desertec Supergrid
Watch DW TV's "Desertec - Electricity from the Desert for Europe".(..and for the N.African people ?)

January/February, 2011

Red Hot Breaking News: Officially fishy - just 48 hours after we wrote the words "Fireball,fireball,fireball" (below, re petrol-car crashes), it is reported that DBM's (in)famous Audi has been destroyed a fireball(report Clean Thinking - in German - and All Cars Electric - in English ! )
So one burning question: will the world's English-language media(old & new) now finally break their ssshamefully silly silence ? The heat is on...

...the saga continues: fanning the flames with a financial magazine - "Wirtschafts Woche". For the first time ever the words "Audi A2" appear at So one duck at least is finally broken.
But still no "Guinness".
This collective, consensual media/DBM silence simply beggars belief and is itself almost worthy of World Record note or notoriety.
Note: in his earlier long-overdue January statement DBM's Mirko Hannemann spoke plaintively of the enormous effort involved in preparing (from April-October 2010) for this world record attempt and of how he and his team had pushed themselves to their very limits:
"Wir haben hart an unserer Leistungsgrenze gearbeitet, bis sich unser Leben schliesslich in der Nacht vom 26. Oktober mit einem neuen Langstreckenweltrekord schlagartig veraendern sollte.."
Yet the company fails/refuses at every turn to explain or even mention why Guinness World Record certification was not sought. And for the media herd(old & "new") the word "Guinness" remains equally taboo.
Sorry guys, jungs - but attempting, claiming, discussing and defending a world record - einen Langstreckenweltrekord - while refusing doggedly ever to utter the word "Guinness" is like pretending not to notice an unusually large black & white elephant in the room..with an enormous head on it.

On a positive note - DBM now report that a replacement range-record test-vehicle/mule will be ready by the end of February - which will obviously leave plenty of time to follow Japan EV Club's exemplary lead and organise the necessary Guinness World Record certification.
Nicht wahr ?

"Ein neuer Versuchstraeger wird nun zurzeit vorbereitet und wird schon Ende Februar fuer den Langstreckentest bei der Dekra zur Verfuegung stehen..."(DBM Energy)

Leaping from elephants & cats & pigeons:
...obviously we're all hoping - are we not - that DBM are quietly preparing to throw a very dangerously disruptive cat/mule among the "100 mile" pigeons with a Kolibri-enhanced, 200(-ish) mile-per-charge Ford Focus, MiEV/C-Zero, Nissan Leaf/Leap, Honda Fit etc.
Boy - would that ruffle a few fine-fettled feathers or what ?!

If DBM's claims are proven it will obviously represent by far the most important EV development of the last 120(approx) years - and it will be happening at a time when carmakers around the world are launching or preparing to launch pure electric vehicles...all with roughly the same battery-range as a 1997-2003 Toyota RAV4 EV.

Finally - just for the record :

Postscript I: Autoblog Green finally(Feb 3) breaks its silence - almost 2 months after we contacted them and many others in December asking(rhetorically) why they were saying nothing/nix, staying stumm (ie. like all of the countless copycat English-language websites that had eagerly and instantly reported the
original-ostensible October range-record run)

January, 2011

Exclusive: Audi A2 "record" - DBM's EVasive, belated New Year response

Exclusive ? How so, wieso ? Well - simply because the English-speaking media herd is still steadfastly refusing to cover this legitimate controversy. Moreover, all search engines(ie. Google, Bing, Yahoo) seem mysteriously and disturbingly incapable of detecting any English-language dissent on this subject (..sole exceptions Notrickszone & EVUK are being very deeply buried)

DBM Energy's long-awaited German-only(!) Jan 2011 response to a global audience - a month after the entire DBM website was summarily replaced by a single page of Xmas greetings - is sadly even more evasive, woolly and weak than we'd expected. They have for instance still failed to explain:

- why they did not seek or obtain Guinness Book of Records ratification. Compare & contrast the "Miracle of Berlin" with the Japanese "Miracle Mira" - the Guinness-verified record which the German -Lekker venture aimed to displace. AutoBlog Green's Daihatsu Mira headline really says it all:

"Officially Official: Japan EV Club Mira sets Guinness record with 345.23-mile trip"

So please - here's a little no-brainer, ground-rule aside to all EV World Record wannabees - please get yourselves Guinness-proofed if you wanna make it into the World Record Books !

Daihatsu Mira 624 mile Japan Club
Miracle of Berlin - or Miracle Mira ? When it comes to World Records, Guinness is the Only Game in Town - so the Japan EV Club's Daihatsu officially retains the World Book title ...

As we've pointed out many times, Guinness's track record when it comes to witnessing, validating and publicising EV records is second-to-none(cheers guys - esp. Norris). And now of course the bitter-sweet irony with this latest record attempt is the fact that in 1999 the world's media refused - with no known exception - to report the Guinness-certified 2,142 km in 24 hours Mitsubishi FTO EV Japanese record in any language at all - despite being blitzed & bombarded by emails from EVUK's elusive "Jim Carlucci" (remember him ?)..

to mention - so DBM: no Guinness Book representative ? And your initially appointed "Notar"/notary unacceptably AWOL to boot?

- and according to the reports we have read - see Die Zeit and the Financial Times (Germany) "DBM Energy Runs Out of Juice" - DBM's Mirko Hannemann disappeared from view several times for periods up to 40 minutes. Why ? Where to ? Wohin und warum ?

And why did he insist on driving alone ?
And just for the record: why in this ultra-hightech age was the car not fitted with readily available GPS tracking and tacho technology - or with a live "always on" webcam or two - with memory sticks etc to record it all ?

Why would a company that has purportedly developed such revolutionary lithium polymer storage technology potentially worth hundreds of zillions of Euros/dollars - ie. more or less priceless - cut so many corners when finally driving for glory ?

- and we repeat: why did DBM Energy - again bizarrely - never report or make any reference whatsoever to the Audi A2 record on its own website ?!! And incredibly, even now, even after this latest belated German-only January 2011 press statement, the words "Audi A2" still do not appear and have never appeared anywhere at .
And yet despite all of this, alarm bells of scepticism are apparently still not ring-a-ding-dinging in the ears of 99.999% of English-language media sources.(As mentioned earlier - whilst hundreds of old/new media outlets reported the original "record" run - none of them have since uttered a word re this ensuing controversy)

- DBM: German-language only ! As extraordinary as any other failure is the company's refusal to offer an English-language version of this latest PR rescue effort - despite acknowledging that they have been overwhelmed by the international response. Sorry guys - but you claim to possess a more-or-less priceless technology - yet you can't spare a dime or the time for a face-saving translation ? Given that at least 95% of your global audience neither speak or read German and the Google translation is beyond abysmal ? So exactly what game are you playing ?

Realworld Range - that's what we all want !

Bottom line: the fact is that most of us - most would-be EV owners, most long-time EV campaigners, most sceptics & refuseniks - are no longer interested in one-off range records that fail to translate into the real world. As of 2011 we simply don't want or expect 605 km per charge or even the 589 km that DBM ostensibly achieved on the initial Berlin-Munich leg.
Nein, nein, nein! We don't even need or expect a "mere" 400 km / 250 miles per charge !

Here's what we would happily accept:
A realworld (min-max), regularly recorded range of 280-360 km / 175-225 miles - so just over half the distance claimed by DBM for the Audi A2.

And forget 2,000 recharge cycles - 1,500 cycles at 200 miles per charge would easily deliver the Quantum Leaf - sorry, Leap - that we've campaigned for for so many years. OK - obviously at some point the impact of head-on collisions with trees and other vehicles in petrol-fuelled cars(ie. fireball, fireball,fireball) will need to be compared to the DBM-powered crash-test equivalent - but in the meantime a relatively(by DBM's standards) modest 200 mile range and 1500 charge cycles would suffice to silence all but the most rancid of EV refuseniks.

So how's about it guys ? Hand over the keys of the Audi A2 EV to a trusted, highly informed third party for a week or two ? To German-based or for instance ? And by all means seal, nail, bolt or otherwise lock down the bonnet/hood if necessary to protect priceless patents & secrets from prying/spying eyes. Just 200 miles of realworld range, recorded repeatedly, consistently, independently, verifiably.

Serve up that - and we might even pass on the Guinness ...

(See - and choose between 17 languages...DBM please note !)

December, 2010

Germany's "RAC"(ADAC) & Die Zeit rubbish range record

- have we all been taken for a ride(auf den Arm genommen) ?

DBM Lekker celebrate Audi record

From Munich to Berlin - 370+ miles/600+ km - but was it all just an elaborate hoax, a crass publicity stunt by DBM & Lekker Energy ?

Lost in Translation:
Unless you happen to be a German-speaking blogger or de.Googler you will almost certainly be hearing this here & now for the first time:
- all of 16 days ago Germany's historically and inEVitably EV-hostile German Automobile Association ADAC launched a bilious, savage attack on the Audi A2 EV range record set, set up, engineered, orchestrated on October 26th by Lekker Energy and celebrated(prematurely?) lithium cell miracle workers at Berlin-based DBM Energy.

DBM-Lekker-politicians Audi A2 EV video
All smiles - after 370+ EV miles ? Click for post-record clip

For more than a month (..most of November) Germans marvelled at the remarkable feat - dubbing it the "Miracle of Berlin"..until that is the still largely lost-in-translation ADAC attack of Nov 28th.
Note: in early December EVUK successfully contacted DBM Energy by phone and email seeking clarification - were these all just,er, empty charges ?
And would DBM at the very least be issuing a sorely needed, surely urgent press release defending themselves against ADAC's scathing criticisms and accusations ? We were politely asked to submit our questions via email. Ominously though, within 48 hours DBM Energy's website was removed and replaced with a single page of multi-tongued Yuletide greetings.
So in similar seasonal spirit - if anyone would like to reciprocate and wish DBM Energy a Merry Xmas, inquire about New Year resolutions etc etc - here are the company's telephone & email contact details:
Tel: Thomas Reckermann
("Publiplikator") +49 030 - 200 898 22
Mobile: +49 170 - 791 999 3
or try +49 30 7007 2890
Fax: +49 30 7007 2898

Lekker Energy:
Telefon: +49 (0) 180-11 50 111
or +49 (0) 30 / 430 949 101
Telefax: +49 (0) 180-10 01 176

We've also asked why DBM's erstwhile pre-Xmas website never at any point carried a single reference to the Munich-Berlin "record-breaking" run - the most recent entry in its Presse/Media section was a few months old and concerned DBM Energy's allegedly world-beating yet somehow terrifically unexciting lithium-powered fork-lift trucks.
So - from the Miracle of Berlin(and Autobahn E51) to the Miracle on 34th Street - who believes in Santa Claus now ?

Sorry guys, but - ADAC's charges aside - if you have genuinely conjured up a game-changing energy-storage technology - a lithium Lekkerbissen(ho,ho) - with the potential to revive, resuscitate and recharge the world's auto industry and flat-lining economy - why(in contrast to every common-or-garden 1000lb pumpkin grower, super-fat cat owner etc) did you never seek Guinness Book of Records validation ...and again...why did you never report or even mention the Munich-Berlin "achievement" on your own website ??(Lekker Energy still does - DBM Energy never did..)

ADAC attack of November 28 - German only.

NoTricksZone breaks the English-language silence(Dec 10) - 3 days after EVUK's own inconclusive phone & email contact with DBM Energy.
Die Zeit - "Superbattery - Dubious Record"

Clean Thinking(!): in January 2010 DBM Energy received the "Innovation of Reason" award in Berlin. According to Clean Thinking, DBM Energy had been finding it difficult to attract the attention and interest of major automakers(Quote/Zitat: "Bislang hat DBM Energy allerdings Schwierigkeiten, die Autobauer auf die eigene Technologie aufmerksam zu machen").

Breaking Tidings ! Festive EV* slated to shatter Round The World EV* Record - in "late December"...     (*EV = Elf or Elves Vehicle)
ZEV Donner & Blitzen
(Donner & Blitzen Newswire/Yuletube)

(Dec 27) Well - did Rudolph really "go down in history" - or was it all just pure fantasy ? Red faces all round ? Let's hope not. Click here...oder hier...for latest ...


(Note: this now fully updated and redrafted EVUK article was originally posted in December 2010) EV Benediction Pope - not electric yet  Zooop & fast PopeMobile EV Benediction Pope
Holy Smoke ! Raise the simply divine dome of the 115 mph Zooop(right,2005), bullet-proof it, scale it all up a notch ... it could easily have been created by Tzero-Tesla's AC Propulsion 6-7 years ago.

Postscript I: Papal Benediction ? "Pope Is Keen On Solar-Powered Popemobile"(USA Today).
Re the Pontiff's - aka Joseph Ratzinger's - electric vehicle & condom pleas("evolution not revolution") - see our infinite economic/population growth delusion references below

Sept 2012 Papal EV Benediction News Update : Pope Gets Renault EV...
It's worth noting that soon after Pope Benedict first went public with his desire to make the switch to EV power, Vatican advisors/henchmen put out press releases stating that electric cars were too slow..had poor acceleration etc.

The Gospel Truth of course is that the Pope could have been speeding away from dangerous, threatening situations in a wickedly(ooops!) fast, sinfully Zooop-souped,long-range lithium-powered ACP Propulsion-powered Pope Mobile for at least the past 6-7 years. Remember AC Propulsion's Tzero begat the Zooop followed by the F1-designed Venturi Fetish as well as the Wrightspeed X1..and last, but definitely not least, it miraculously begat the Tesla Roadster.

But it's a glorious Testament to Pope Ratzinger's Teutonic, forensically-informed persistence that "Don Petroleo" and the crank'n' piston mafia have been unable to block his path.
Of course that might change - and it might well be considered a Car-dinal Sin(ouch?) - if the Pontiff were to fearlessly ordain that all Vatican staff drive EV' s with a minimum range of 200 miles - powered obviously by teutonic Hummingbird batteries from Germany's record-breaking and now(2012) sadly emasculated EV-evading Kolibri AG.(founder Mirko Hannemann should perhaps have relocated to the Vatican or to the Ecuadorean/Assange Embassy in London).

Postscript III: Rinspeed plans bamboo EV - see our bamboo bike ref below.
Postscript IV: St. Paul unveils electric fleet vehicle, charging stations (St. Paul ?! The Octopus ?!)
Postscript III & post-mortem(below): Paul - R.I.P.

October, 2010

60%  of new cars sold by 2020 will be electric(pure battery or range-extended) says real EV expert

...with a long, proven track-record of pretty prescient prediction & prognostication

Paul Octopus World Cup Sooth EVUK's stargazing Paul - right
Balls, footballs, crystal balls, 2020 e-Vision: EVUK's own pretty prescient, star-gazing Paul(above,right) takes a startlingly subversive 360° look at the EV universe & ever-spinning space-time continuum in 2020 and beyond.... ("Paul, Paul - We Love Paul!" - click pics & singalong .. with tongue firmly wedged in cheek)

60 % ! Wait a minute guys - you can't say that !
That's outrageous! Haven't you read the agreed "less than 10%" talking points?
Haven't you memorized the script ?

Come on now - let's stick to the safe, corporately correct, approved narrative shall we ?
ie. "2%, 3% ...less than 10% of all new cars sold by 2020 will be all-electric ..less than 25% will feature electric power .."? - as for example Ford CEO David Mondragon predicts or more likely hopes - consult Sept 17 report whilst recalling perhaps Bill Gates' stupendously memorable:
"640k of RAM ought to be enough for anybody"

But 60% electric ? Do you really want to scare the world's crank'n'piston Canutes(yes!), parts suppliers(yes!)* and all those off-the-shelf macho mechanics(yes,yes,yes!) etc out of their highly sensitive skins ?

Thankfully though one auto parts giant - Magna - does seem determined to capitalize eg. via cheaper batteries, E-Car Systems, Ford Focus EV etc.
Click pic for video of race-readied electric Ford Focus on Jay Leno Show ..
Ford Focus race EV Jay Leno clip
Q: When is a Ford not affordable..or available ? A: Yep - when it's electric, obviously.(Exception: Ford Ranger EV..but not the Ford e-Ka)

(Ford - message received & appreciated ! November News update)

Darn it, EV refuseniks ! It seems the "EV's will Slaughter the Blind " ploy didn't wash, guys..
(Oddly, the recently and keenly reported - eg. by the BBC - absurd Car for the Blind drew no sardonic comment at all from the Clarkson/Hammond BBC tribe...)

So let's kick around and crush that other consensus spin-ball currently so popular with so many Rip Van Winkle /Johnny-come-lately EV "experts", RAV4 denialists, EV-hostile PR parrots and lobbyists - namely:

"Second-hand EV's will be virtually worthless within 5 years"
- or 5 minutes down the road - the moment in fact that you drive them out the showroom - and long before you've silently/recklessly mown down your first blind or blind-drunk jaywalker! In other words:
"Please - we're begging you - please stay loyal to oil, to the Infernal Combustion Engine, to real cars for real blokes, folks !"

These are of course just two of the latest increasingly(and encouragingly) desperate anti-EV refrains - spinsults-to-the-intelligence - being eagerly and more or less uncritically trotted out by our (still) chronically compliant corporate chorus-line of PR puppets : as always we're seeing no reference in the mainstream media to:

1) the Inconvenient Fact that over the past 5-6 years many Toyota RAV4 EV's - quite a few of them having clocked well over 100,000 miles on their original batteries - have changed hands on eBay and elsewhere at prices ranging from $50,000 - $100,000 or ..

2) the Inconvenient Fact that an EV's electric motor will run for at least a million miles.
Buy a used EV in, say, 2018 with 70,000 miles on the clock and you will not be inheriting a declining, post mid-life petrol/diesel engine about to spring any number of nasty costly surprises at any time....indeed it's fair to say that an EV with 70k on the clock has barely run itself in - as comparatively fresh in fact as a petrol-engine with just 5-10k under its (fan-)belt.

And of course when you do take your newly purchased used EV for its first service in... 2018 you will NOT - repeat NOT - be faced with anything remotely resembling the following familiarly painful patter from your head-shaking, tutt-tutting local mechanic:

"Bad news I'm afraid ..there's a whole load of work to do on this one - the clutch is pretty hammered be honest you'll be lucky if it survives more than another 6 months...and the exhaust will obviously need replacing before the next MOT.
Oh yes - it looks as if the alternator's given up the ghost.
And the the oojami-flipkjacks(ie.whatever..) for your differential bolt phlanges(whatever you say mate...who am I to argue?) are going to need replacing too - that's quite a BIG job. All-in all I 'd say you're looking at about £1500 worth of work. Apart from that, the engine's had some pretty rough treatment and needs a full retune and there seems to be some overheating - it could be the radiator but I suspect a problem with the oil flow further down the line. The car's in fairly good nick - it should make it to 120,000 maybe another 3-4 years or so before it heads for the scrapheap."

EV's on the other (or indeed second) hand will be a whole lot easier and cheaper to "renew" and rejuvenate: basically it's gonna be all about tyres & brakes folks - plus "normal" corrosion prevention.
Simply replace batteries with next generation lithium every 100,000, 150,000, 200,000++ miles. No nasty, complex, lucrative(for some) surprises. Or to put it another way:

... if Cubans have managed to keep rust-prone classic cars cruising around Havana for more than 50 years - despite tough sanctions and rough roads - there is surely no reason(horrified vested interests aside) why EV's - which are being increasingly designed using smart light composites - should not outrun & outlast Duracell rabbits by a decade or five. The (m)ad-men should have a field day - and EV's could eventually come to redefine cars as moving metaphors, mobile billboards or shining symbols of eco-longEVity, minimal resource-use, maximum recyclability.

Perfection ? No. Bamboo BicyclesWill EV's ever be as green as bamboo bicycles ?(Watch video) Probably not. But they may well be a whole lot greener than the PC's, laptops, servers, mobile phones etc that extreme anti-car activists(yes, we hear you) would so hate to live without.

Paul Octopus World Cup SoothEVUK's stargazing Paul - leftPaul Octopus World Cup SoothEVUK's stargazing Paul - rightPaul Octopus World Cup Sooth
EVUK's 360°, 2020 EVision:

"60% of all new cars sold in the EU and US are now pure battery or range-extended. Battery range has typically now increased to around 250 miles thanks to the silicon clathrate("soccer balls") anodes & cathodes successfully developed by the SWRI in the US(see below).

Even more dramatic range advances are expected in the next 2-3 years as revolutionary long promised lithium air and nanowire/nanotube cells come on stream. Lower cost, 300+ miles charge, 100,000+ mile guarantee, manufactured in China, India, Indonesia..

In 2020 Tata's 1 lakh battery pack ...leads the pack.

In fact it's now possible for cash-strapped carbuyers to buy an entry-level EV fitted with a lithium starter-pack - a slim sandwich providing just 120 miles of range - then gradually over time adding one or two extra "Magna modules" or slim sandwich layers as required. Many are predicting that by 2025 90% of all new cars sold will come with a plug and induction charge capability.

And here's the good-news-from-bad: due to the lack of crank'n'piston maintenance/obsolescence work, repair shops have had to - or cheerfully chosen to - diversify:

- since circa 2015 mechanics have been spreading their wings and training up as full-blown "Energy & Mobility Engineers" - in response to the fact that so many EV owners and prospective buyers now routinely ask car sales staff and mechanics how they can cut their EV-inflated electricity bills - despite saving £1000's on petrol. Clean-clothed mechanics - some now bling & tatoo-less - now spend at least half their working week out and about installing solar systems and providing domestic energy audits. Sales of fully off-grid systems have gone through the roof. In 2020 discounts and tie-in deals on green energy solutions are now often offered as part of an overall EV purchase package.

What's more in 2020 most people - esp. the under-25's - are opting to learn to drive and take their tests in electric cars.
Studies unsurpirsingly confirm that first-time pass rates are significantly higher in EV's - and learners typically require far less road time. No messing about with gear sticks and clutches - a major source of stress and anxiety for young, inexperienced drivers - and arguably as distracting and dangerous at times as talking on a mobile. This is one distinct EV advantage that you won't hear being discussed by our corporate media or by the "EV's will slaughter the blind" brigade.

By 2020 the long awaited, long-resisted influx of price-breaking, high quality EV's from China, India and Russia(see Michael Prokhorov, oil billionaire/Yarovit/Onexim/Putin EV + hybrid, Business Week) have long since forced reluctant US/European carmakers to slash prices. As expected, EV's are proving far simpler and cheaper to design and build(80%+ fewer parts than petrol vehicles). Second-hand EV's are highly sought-after.

..and in 2020 petrol prices are peaking at almost 3 euros/$5 a litre: China, India and other semi-Emerged Economies are draining global reserves as never before. Peak oil panic is palpable. Speculators are cashing in. Fortunately - in contrast to the world's oil wells - the eco-optimist's green glass is half-full. Russian oligarchs, savvy Saudi Roils all know the score:
in 2020 The Color of Money is Green.

And a decade from 2010 even CNBC and Bloomberg TV have seen the green light/given up the fight.(OK - maybe that's one prediction too far, too pie-in-the-sky - where pigs* might fly)
(*not to be confused - ever - with scapegoat P.I.G.S. of course..)

Finally, here are a few more currently & predictably popular, strawman spin-balls to watch out for:

"EV's Are Not a Silver Bullet","EV's Are Not the Answer", "Where will all the Copper/Lithium/Rare Earth etc Come From ?" etc

Yes, apparently - "experts say" - electric cars will not solve all of the world's ills.
They will not for example break the most deafening silence of all and finally force the business world, the political right and left - humanity as a whole - to seriously and publicly address the overarching issue, the fundamental threat, the great Two-Tiered Taboo, the Double Bubble, the double-edged Damocles' Sword.
That's right - we're talking - daring to talk - about
The Dual Delusion of ..

1) Infinite Economic Growth and

2) Infinite Population Growth Blind Spot Population 50 billion 2150
.... in a finite world

So: will there be enough copper, lithium, rare earth for all those EV's ?
Given a world population of .. how many exactly did you have in mind ?
15 billion by 2050 ? 25 billion by 2100 ?

So rather than narrowly, deliberately and selectively focusing on the micro challenge - EV's and the raw materials required to build them - the world's increasingly desperate army of EV debunkers need to urgently begin risking their necks - and possibly their careers - by openly and freely discussing and tackling that most macro of all macro challenges:
 - the Dual Delusion of Infinite Population/Economic Growth.

See Amazon books:
The Growth Delusion Exposed and The Growth Illu$ion(Richard Douthwaite)

The Constant Economy(Zac Goldsmith)

Watch Blind Spot trailer mix: Blind Spot Population 50 billion 2150 - Where will all the lithium, copper..rare earth come from ?
World population tripling every 75 years - 2.5 billion in 1950, 7 billion in 2012, 25 billion in 2100, 50 billion by 2150. Ssssh!

Rare Earth indeed !

But wait! News just in! Japanese scientists may have discovered an alternative to rare earth !(And no - they're not astronomers !)

Postscript & post-mortem: just a week after British-born Paul posted up the above Pavlov-flavoured EVUK-reflex piece it has been reported that British-born Paul(the Octopus) has been found dead at the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany.
Thanks Paul for surviving just long enough to help flesh out & embellish our own collection of first-thru-sixth sense prognostications.
(Conspiracy theories/spoofs abound...has he faked his own
death ? Did the real Paul - never a beetle - die in July..?)

September, 2010

DOE, SWRI aim to quadruple EV range by 2014
(...but IBM air aims at 10x)

For those who may not have noticed - all of this month's (September) SwRI copycat/carbon-copy press releases(including the SwRI original, Reuters, etc etc - all) contain a conspicuous misprint.
Since we've found no correction elsewhere - we've highlighted the mistake below in red(ie. for "10 miles between charges" read "100 miles...") :

"Currently, most lithium-ion batteries have a 10-year life expectancy and a range of 10 miles betweenT charges. A goal of the DOE and stakeholders is to quadruple the range and double the energy density of these batteries within the next four years while extending the battery life to greater than 10 years. "

Re-View! IBM air aims at 10x battery range(Lithium Air Race - the competition heats up: New Energy & Fuel)

Lithium Air - New Energy & Fuel

Prof Peter Bruce O2 Electrodes
- EVUK Q&A with St.Andrews' Prof Peter Bruce re Lithium Air

...and just to happily confuse everyone a little more ("10 miles between charges" - steady on!): a reminder of the 624 mile / 1003 km range record set by the Japan EV Club earlier this year
Daihatsu Mira 624 mile Japan Club
in a modified, lightened Daihatsu Mira using conventional but state of the art Sanyo lithium ion batteries - beating their own earlier "Tesla creaming"(AutoBlog) 345 mile record attempt in late 2009(the unsung, unreported-in-Europe Solectria Sunrise full-sized sedan achieved 377 miles in 1995).
But the latest 624 mile Mira feat again demonstrates that EV range is as much about lightweight construction, tyres, road surface/form, speed, driver technique, attitude, intelligence etc - as it is about battery capacity (a little ZEV Zen goes a long way...)

Update: Audi A2 sets new, real world, non-track 375 mile / 55 mph range record(arguably !!) - Munich-Berlin, Oct 2010)

August, 2010

Lithium - the many health & mood-altering benefits

(No - it's not News ... but maybe it should be)

EV SmileySofia Smile Peugeot Ion MallorcaEV SmileySofia Smile Peugeot Ion MallorcaEV Smiley

That good 'ol EV Smile - perhaps there's EVen more to it than we thought !?

OK - whilst we've not yet seen, discovered or uncovered any official reports or research linking these particular li-ion dots and claiming or proving that EV drivers / passengers sitting just a few feet or inches above a sealed, sizzling and fully loaded lithium sandwich will over time actually suck in(or up) any of the many health and mood-enhancing benefits associated with lithium in its various biovailable forms - the EV-plus-lithium driving experience certainly promises to be a whole lot sweeter a treat than being constantly steeped in your seats in a vaporous corrosive, carcinogenic cocktail of benzene, toluene, xylene, lung-plugging particulates etc etc.

EV Smiley  Sofia Smile Peugeot Ion Mallorca
Sofia Smile Peugeot Ion Mallorca
(Aug 12,D.Tel) .. that Sofia Smile - Spanish Queen caught on camera enjoying lithium-fuelled EV trip on Balearic holiday island(Peugeot Ion - see Marc Gene,Le Mans)
(!! Report posted by Daily Telegraph's Fiona Govan - notes EVUK's Paul Govan ..)

So here is our own untelegraphed Govan's lightweight, light-hearted, light-headed little lithium memory-jogger for anyone whose memory - for whatever reason - may have faded(er,lithium-wise) ...

From 365 Health Online:

"Lithium may increase the gray matter nerve cells of the brain by three percent. This mineral is supposedly good for dementia, Alzheimer's etc. People treated with Lithium have improved memory and reduced rage/anger and salting the water supply with Lithium Aspartate might be an added approach to our community violence prevention programs."

"Lithium has long been known to be an effective therapy for Bipolar Disorder (manic depression) when taken in high doses. Lithium ions are believed to act only at particular sites on the membranes of intracellular structures like mitochondria and lysosomes. Lithium in the elemental form has never been shown to have major side effects. Lithium has been helpful in reducing aggressive behavior in children and helps to prevent and control symptoms of mania such as hyperactivity, rushed speech, poor judgment, and reduced need for sleep, aggression, and anger. Lithium aspartate is a health supplement and is much more bioavailable than the forms of lithium used for the treatment of clinical depression."

"In the brain however, recent research has shown that low doses of lithium preserve and renew brain cells. Eight out of ten persons given lithium showed an increase in brain grey matter of 3 % after only 4 weeks. Lithium also accomplishes the following benefit for brain cells: it enhances DNA replication which is the first step to formation of new cells. Lithium may protect against adverse effects from mood altering drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine... "

So - anyone who feels suddenly & inexplicably attracted to employment in ... lithium cell recycling centres - please join the queue !!

Brain-food for thought: will science one day prove us right? Lithium - as the perfect antidote to road-rage .. an as yet undetected benign electrosmog, a brain-boosting, mood-lifting lithium haze ?

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on Wikipedia/Lithium Pharmacology ... for the next decade or two !

How to win over the EV refuseniks ? A little cool male tribal iconography goes a long way ...
Video Nirvana Lithium I'm So Happy..
Plug Play: Nirvana - Lithium "I'm so happy...etc".
Could an (almost) natural lithium high, an EV smile...a Tesla Roadster, a little Nissan Nirvana/Leaf.. have saved Cobain ?
Video Nirvana Lithium I'm So Excited..

  Or click click Kurt's car-
digan-like jumper(right) for ad-free MySpace Lithium Nirvana ...

July, 2010

Eureka ! Toyota,Tesla to rEVive(resurrect? See below) RAV4 EV .. with lithium.

(All Google News results)

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Quite frankly we're ravng like kids at Xmas , like Spaniards in S. Africa.

This is obviously something we've craved for so long, for which we've travelled so far, for so many years...

A huge thankyou to everyone at Tesla for making this happen. For rEViving what has always been by far the best, most threateningly normal, myth-busting, truth-exposing, media-stereotype-demolishing, potentially most disruptive, game-changing EV ever to hit the streets..of America, Jersey in the UK Channel Islands, Japan and finally - since 2010 - the British mainland, the Midlands, Birmingham - and the M-b***dy-5 !

Of course, whilst it will be thrilling and re-energizing to watch the story of the next-gen li-ion RAV4 unfold(..and hopefully not unravel ! ) it will also of course be deliciously, squirmingly amusing to see how the British/EU media - who have always shamelessly refused to acknowledge the existence of the electric RAV4 EV over the past 13 years - now set about covering the new version of the vehicle.

So far - unsurprisingly and true-to-form - very few UK/EU mainstream media outlets have responded at all. Those that we have found are still - incredibly - refusing to report this as a new version, still steadfastly failing to acknowledge the existence of the original, the current, the unstoppable, un-kill-able electric RAV4. (Search - so far nothing, nada, nichts..).

Yep, that's right chaps - when you've dug yourself in so deep and buried yet another Inconvenient Truth for so long it is so much easier, ain't it, to continue to hope that you can just go right on fooling most of the people(including yourselves..) most of the time.

June, 2010

Last year's 24 hour Le Mans winner Marc Gene test-drives Peugeot Ion
- on Spanish primetime TV News/Noticias
(TV channel: La Sexta ie. the "Sixth" - as in "Sense" perhaps ?) ..

Marc Gene tests Peugeot Ion on Spain TV
Sixth Sense - Spanish TV news clip(short ad precedes..)

.. and it happened por dios less than a week after we posted up our "Spanish Synchronicity, Serendipity, Simultaneity & Stevia" piece below.
This is, we believe(..and our Spanish sources confirm) the first test-drive of an electric car ever broadcast by a major Spanish TV network as a primetime news story.

Sweet !

- If Spanish is all Greek to you - Marc Gene, in a nutshell, tells us that the Ion is, if anything, easier to drive and handle than a petrol-powered car.
Gene adds - refreshingly - that the electric car will also be far cheaper to maintain than conventional "ICE" cars (ie. not just to run/power/fuel).

("Ion" - pronounced" eye-on" in English - as in lithium "ion" - but as "eee-on" elsewhere. "eee-on" can obviously be all-too easily confused with largely dirty energy company e.on )

Freshly picked clips - Audi  e-tron at Le Mans June 2010 !

Elusive .. though not exclusive
That's right - after 6 x 24 hours of  fruitless searching, here, freshly plucked, are two top-class clips of the in-wheel-powered(x4), awesomely audacious Audi e-tron at Le Mans earlier this month: show-boating, show-stopping, show-lapping etc etc.
A single & singular tour de force.

- oder anders gesagt ...

"Vorsprung durch Elektro*-Technik" (© *EVUK 2003 - first coined by our very own polyglottal wordsmith Paul Govan.
Audi - it's Your$ for the a$king!)

Audi E-tron Le Mans June 2010 Tesla
Audi e-tron at Le Mans - clip 1: show-lap at Le Mans(June 2010) - shot from inside a Tesla Roadster ..

Audi E-tron Le Mans June 2010
Audi e-tron at Le Mans - clip 2: this grey IS the new black...
Watch above clip - with German commentary

June, 2010

Britain's only RAV4 EV + EVUK + Morgan LifeCar(and other EV's..) at Glos Motor Show - June 12-13th !

A celebrity guest "fly-in" is also scheduled ! (.. though somehow a car would seem more appropriate - see Base Notes)

unique RAV4 EV in UK/Birmingham
Driving the message home: Richard Haywood's RAV4 EV in Birmingham, Brum, the Belly of the Beast, the Heart of the Midlands - once the clunking hub of the British Motor Industry
unique RAV4 EV in UK/Birmingham
.. is the bitter-sweet symbolism still lost on anyone ? Ah yes, it would all have been so different if just one electric RAV4 had been brought in, beamed in, sneaked in, smuggled in a decade ago ...

The long & the short - a recap re Richard-RAV4-EVUK:
- a few months ago, amongst the inexplicable mountain of Inbox SPAM we spotted this tantalizingly brief email header:
"RAV4 NOW in the UK".
If true, this was no humdrum header but one heck of a hold-the-front-page headline. For once we were looking at a between-the-spam email deserving of at least 5 x"!!!!!"

"Just to let you know I have the only RAV4 EV electric in the UK
It is a right-hand drive silver 5 door.
Let me know if you want to come and see it in Birmingham"
(Richard Haywood)

There followed much correspondence on our part along the lines of  "If only this had happened a decade earlier it would have changed everything...etc " .. and the visit to truly irresistible Brum was indefinitely postponed(come on people - we've
t-RAVelled the world - Hollywood, Japan, the UK Channel Islands/Jersey - in an almost vain attempt to break the media silence and wake up the wilfully comatose and the comfortably clueless..)

But then Richard - "RAV4 Rich" if you will - followed up with this:
"I am hoping to go to the Gloucestershire Motor Show with the RAV4 EV as part of the Electric Vehicle / Future Technology display...
Apparently Morgan will be there with their Fuel Cell concept car the LifeCar .. other electric vehicles will also be there. Will you be visiting the show?"

In short: yes we will !!!!! (Moira being the Right Royal We)
The location - Highnam Court - lies, sprawls just 4 miles from EVUK Central HQ - by far the shortest distance that Moira will ever have hopped in order to capture an elusive electric RAV4 (on film, you understand..)

Gloucestershire Motor Show - main site

Highnam Google Map - Glos Motor Show
Highnam & Glos Motor Show: Click for Google Map

 Ah yes..Highnam:  as poverty-stricken, pocket-moneyless kids we would cycle on heavy gearless bikes past Highnam .. on towards Newent to pick blackcurrants - piecemeal & by the bucket mind you - during the summer holidays between paper rounds/routes .. but that's another story for another day and audience perhaps ..

(But hey - does anyone care ?!)

Also - coming up ! Possibly by popular demand: an exclusive Q&A with rarer-than-rare RAV4 EV owner Richard Haywood (but ... does anyone want to hear ?)

Yes - we're at a crossroads all right - so please let us know - preferably en masse - if you want us to keep EVUK alive ...and kicking.

So - an EV Mega Mecca-Meetup at Highnam Court, Glos - via Linkedup, Twitter et al...?

Yes, in fact - in our cleanest of green dreams we would like to turn the June 12-13 Motor Show and RAV4 EV appearance into one Mother-EVUK'er(OK Ed - we're all past caring..) of a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedup EVent.

So Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Here's a last-minute urgent shout-out now to all long-suffering, EVUK'ers wherever you may be in the world - from China to Spain, from Hollywood to Neasden:
please flock in large numbers towards the Shire of Gloucester for this rather surprising and underreported/understated show, this charitable EVent(Pied Piper fact this EVUK piece is a Pied Piper appeal of sorts: how many adults & children can we persuade to follow musical Moira to the Court of Highnam to see Ye RAV4 EV etc ?).

Note to organisers:  we have no desire to hijack or carjack the event - but simply to help ensure that the emission-free vehicles present are at least as well-attended and drooled over as the ever-so exciting and manly F1 & throbbing piston paraphernalia on display in the green, green grounds of Highnam Court ...

unique RAV4 EV in UK/Birmingham

And don't forget, dear EVUK'ers, to please bring with you any and every lo- or hi-tech camera at your disposal.

We need hardly remind YOU that photos and footage of Brits & Europeans in the same frame as electric RAV4's are far rarer than pics and clips of extraterrestrial spacecraft or aliens on operating tables. Indeed, we know of none(ie. Europeans with/in RAV4 EV's) other than our own - ie. Moira's - awesome, truth-exposing, media-shaming collection.

unique RAV4 EV in UK/Birmingham

Don't worry, we still have plenty of material, plenty of silences to shatter, crucial dots to join - but the question remains:

  ... do the public - the majority at least - really care a darn or a dime about anything more than cheaper, petrol-tax-free driving ?

And most importantly and topically of all - does anyone really care twopence or tuppence or a bucket of blackcurrants(see above) where the energy comes from ? And at what cost ?
Or where the toxic or radioactive waste is buried for up to million years - as long as it's Not In My Back Yard.. and as long as Me, My Family, My Gene Pool are not affected Now or in the immediate future ?

"Nuclear power - who cares ?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
It's cheap and as safe as houses .. as low-risk and fail-safe as deep-sea offshore drilling ... and you can take that to the bank. Both ex-PM Gordon and brother Andrew Brown(EDF PR) would happily bet their(OK - your) mortgages on it."

Blow-out Preventer ... Fallout Preventer.

Jack: Cant Handle The Truth clip Fool me once - shame on you.
Fool me twice - shame on me.
Fool me 24/7 - I'm in TV Heaven.

              (Click Jack  for clip >>>)

"Mayak ? Never heard of it. Ditto Leaking Asse. Hindsight (and official inquiries) are the most wonderful things etc etc".)

Footnote: Mayak. Video. Ah yes - Mayak reduced to a footnote ! The second worst nuclear "accident" & explosion in history(after Chernobyl) - yet still even now - like the RAV EV circa 1997-2010 - Mayak remains completely unknown to 99.9 %(approx) of the population of planet earth ...

What - are you saying there's some kind of conspiracy..?
What - are you saying there's some kind of conspiracy..?
What - are you saying there's some kind of conspiracy..?
(repeat ad nauseam et infinitum)

(Hmm - our footnote seems to be morphing into a BigFootNote ...)

That's right - the Mayak meltdown(OK - explosion, catastrophe...) may have occurred in 1957 - but even today the radioactive readings near the area's streams and rivers are way off the scale...hundreds have died and many still suffer from serious and rare illnesses as a consequence. Soviet authorities originally denied it had happened...the CIA knew the truth all along - but stayed silent to please the world's nascent nuclear lobby and industry(that's official - see the remarkable 2009 documentary "Le Cauchemar du Nucléaire" / "The Nuclear Nightmare". Click for clip. No known English version !!).

But be in no doubt whatsoever: if a Mayak-sized nuclear accident or meltdown were to take place in France, for example, it would without doubt wipe out that country's economy for decades if not centuries. Massive CAP subsidies will/would serve no purpose this time.
The psychological fallout: a total, global loss of confidence in all French agricultural products as well as in the global nuclear industry - just for hors d'oeuvres/starters.

Champagne and truffles anyone ? (..picture French politicians - on camera to the world's assembled press-gangs - force-feeding fruity fromage frais & pâté de foie gras to their gently bribed, wide-eyed but tight-mouthed offspring ..)

Would anyone swallow it - encore une fois/foie(gras) ?
And judging from the economic and currency instability, volatility, insanity we've already all witnessed and suffered for the past two years it is very difficult to imagine the Euro and Eurozone surviving the impact of a Euro-centred, Ural-scale, Mayak-like nuclear accident-waiting-to-happen).

Ah yes - "Powered by Plutonium" - surely one EV bumper-sticker that even the most hardcore, diehard pro-nuclear somnambulant is unlikely to consider proudly flaunting pre- or post- any nuclear Armegeddon-outtahere. Especially not next to the sticker
"Baby on Board"(the intrinsic message there being "Please Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks with My Child's Life...with My Gene Pool, with the Future Generation of Me etc") let's get back to the Show:(it must go on - despite those 19,000 barrels(1 barrel= 42 US gallons) of vintage BP crude leaking nearer every day)

Base Notes:
Gloucestershire Motor Show - main site

Google Map - Highnam Location

It promises to be a fine, fun, care-free day-out for all the family - so why not bring along your entire Gene Pool for the whole weekend !
(Final note: organisers say that a celebrity guest "fly-in" is planned: they have however, sadly, confirmed to us that it will NOT be Jeremy Clarkson ..)

April, 2010

Spanish Synchronicity, Serendipity, Simultaneity:
StEVia lithium Bolivia double ripe harvest
1) Bolivia: EV's, StEVia, lithium("Bolithium" ?). A poor nation's double-ripe harvest.
(Stevia - up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. Wiki/Stevia)

2) Spain: Zapatero Thumbs Pulgares para EVsZapatero accelerates EV drive(Think Spain)
..the dots surely now join themselves, verdad ?
- DN! - reporting from Bolivia(April 19-23++)...y Stevia, Amy ? (instead of coca.. ?)
Una SEAT STEVia , por favor ? (Sure sounds sweeter than the "IBE"..)

See also: "SEAT al Sol"(Martorell solar site)

EV's & StEVia: a synchronous silence broken - simultaneously (almost !)
Disruptive, transformative technologies - disruptive, transformative commodities. But when-oh-when will we see disruptive, transformative, competitive prices ?!

SEAT all-electric
No - it's sadly not (yet!?) the SEAT StEVia ...(All-electric SEAT "IBE", Geneva 2010,Youtube)   SEAT - call us ! Hablamos !

.. yes, we can see the straplines, imagine the ads....and hear the music already: Sweet Dreams are ..Eurythmics

"The SEAT Stevia -
-  Sweet Dreams Are Made of This..."
(Eurythmics, Youtube)

So come on SEAT - why not take a LEAF out of Nissan's book ? Beat them at their own unsubtle, green name-game ?

No - let' s face it: the name "LEAF" - unlike, for instance, "Stevia" - is a polarizing, divide-and-stall non-starter as far as most male drivers are concerned - designed(deliberately?) not to appeal to yer average Clarkson-adoring petrol+air-head.
To illustrate the point, here's a Daily Male conversation-twist you're unlikely to hear down the pub or in the rugby club showers any time soon:

Jim: ...too much political correctness - that's the ******* problem Dave. B***y PC brigade. Bl**dy treehuggers. Gotta live in the real world, I always, always, always say ...

Dave: Too right mate. So what ya' drivin these days then ?

Jim: Got meself a LEAF mate. Nissan. All-electric job. Jeez - the girls go crazy when I tell 'em I'm driving a LEAF.

<< No - it just ain't gonna happen. But replace "LEAF" with something like ... the infinitely more neutral and "normal"-sounding "Stevia" - and, well, Jim safely avoids being soundly & roundly beaten to a mushed-leaf pulp by his many male "mates" the shower, in the car park etc...

Base Notes:
- Reminder:  when EVUK's MG (ie. editor Paul Govan's
assistant sister Moira
visited Valladolid(Renault Spain) in 2006, electric cars...coches electricos ... were nowhere to be seen or heard on the Spanish automotive, corporate, political or media radar.
Read Moira's despairing 2006 article which includes several tinglingly telling extracts from her many letters to local & national Spanish media outlets ..

            "Sweet Stevia" - a perfect anagram of ...

            "It's a sweet EV" (apostrophe''''s don't count !)

             SEAT - we rest our case !


   Probé STEviA ... y vi SEAT (mas anagramas perfectas !)

April, 2010

7-pin plugs - the Taxman's Trojan Horse ?

7 pin Positive + Negative - 7 pin Positive + Negative - 7 pin Positive + Negative -
(ZDF TV video - click on Abspielen/Play)
Can we all see the Positive + and the Negative - ?

Time for a little purposeful, pre-emptive scaremongering - as another deafening silence(old/new media, Google, Twitter ..) screams "Shatter Me Now!"
Let's light that fuse and stand well back ...

Rainer Plempe 7 pin plugs surcharges tax
(ZDF TV videoWe're not alone/allein ! Voltmobile's Rainer Plempe shares our concern: will 7-pin plugs with "intelligent" communication links , compulsory Smart Chargers etc put paid to low-cost, keep-it-simple, keep-it-private home-charging ?

But come on - Plugs & Pins - it's all just tedious techie talk, right ? Who cares?

Hmm - now might be as good a time as any to coin a phrase - but hopefully not a tax:  yes, say hello for the first and hopefully last time to...

"Electric Vehicle Added Tax" !!

Again - at this point all-out panic and rioting in the streets would probably be inappropriate:  this is purely preemptive, preventative speculation on our part - designed to break the silence, ignite debate, sound alarm bells, trigger a little twittering ...

But it is all-too easy, is it not, to imagine those hideous headlines - circa 2015:
"Government/EU to introduce 25% EVAT - Electric Vehicle Added Tax as Electric Car Sales Soar"
"The Treasury/EU ministers announced today that a new EV electricity tax "EVAT" is to be introduced (EU-wide) to compensate for dwindling petrol tax revenues....the initial rates will be set at 25% ...and as of 2017 all registered EV owners will be required to install home Smartchargers to enable electricity suppliers and tax authorities to identify which and how much electricity customers are using to charge their electric cars...."

And how long will it then be before an initial modest surcharge climbs to 80%(cf. petrol tax) as more and more of us switch to plug-ins/EV's ?

For the record: - as of April 6, 2010 a Google Search on keywords "Electric Vehicle Added Tax" and/or "EVAT" delivers precisely "0" results.

Conclusion(tentative) ? At this moment no-one on Planet Earth appears to give an audible tweet - preemptive or otherwise - about "Electric Vehicle Added Taxes" .

EVAT - let's hope, or better still, ensure that it never happens....(ditto all GPS-based, Pay-As-You-Go tracking & taxing technologies...)

March, 2010

BYD-Daimler & Youtube'd GenEVa
- made easy

Daimler-BYD CNBC USA Zetsche
Remember Dieter(Zetsche, Daimler,left) - this is CNBC USA !
So bitte - no dirty  words such as environmental, green, pollution, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, climate change - instead stick with "There just ain't gonna be enough oil for all the Chinese who wanna drive !"

So, just for the record, here are the top two EV highlights of the month thus far - made simple(for us and for you):

1) Daimler's joint venture with BYD(Build Your Dreams) - see Business Week, view all Google News articles, watch daytime primetime(no really!) CNBC interview with Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche (Note: CNBC is still GE-owned/parented. See also: EVUK piece(Feb) re rival Bloomberg Asia's televised Reva-lution etc )

2) GenEVa Motor Show 2010 - view all Youtube'd pure electric vehicles at Show.
View all Youtube'd hybrids & plug-ins at Show.

But - whether highlights or hype or hope - haven't we all now had more than enough - for the time being at least - of the make-believe Motor Show Merry-Go-Round, the ever-spinning Concept Car Carousel ?

Car Shows -> Car Showrooms now please !

Hands up if, like us, you feel Déjà Voodoo'd & Youtube'd to death or distraction ...
Enough already with the teasing, the titillation, the waiting game !

Even now we find ourselves - a dozen years on - still standing in front of a shop window jam-packed full of treats and sweets to come
- but the shop door remains firmly CLOSED to the public...or at best jammed ajar.
Or: The EV genie has escaped from the bottle - but one foot is caught in the spout.
Or: Life is a Box of Chocolates locked in Mother's Cupboard: the Quality Street Cars - desired but not delivered.

The Quiet before the Perfect Storm. A zisshing, sizzling electrostatic(very static !) charge fills the air. Suddenly an eerie, otherworldly voice breaks the spell :
"Dad - are we there yet ?!".
"Declan - I've told you a thousand times ! Life - aka a box of chocs - is all about the journey, anticipation, aspiration - not destination, getting there, or finally getting what you want. And I should know - ask your mother."

Sorry everyone - just filling time .. and trying to enjoy the last few miles of what has been a very long uphill journey - before we all finally get to see and experience ..

Show Room Show Time !
ShowRoom ShowTime

February, 2010

Tour de Presteigne 2010 - electric bike rally May 8th & 9th

Presteigne Ebike Rally 2008  Presteigne Ebike Rally 2007
Click for Presteigne 2008, 2007 cycle clips(!) ...

We've just received this year's Presteigne press release ... and unlike so many (EV-related) PR promises this one never fails to deliver - come (torrential) rain or shine(click for wet/dry clips) !

To the unitiated : if the words "Presteigne" and "electric bike rally" mean nothing at all - or perhaps conjure up images of marauding, ebiking treehuggers and trekkies descending on a town somewhere in N.W France...Bretagne maybe (not far from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, peut-etre ?) - then no, sorry: wrong country, wrong tribe, wrong preconceptions et prejudices.

Apropos - à propos - preconceptions: would you believe that even the Daily Telegraph has enthusiastically covered this annual event: see
"Batteries are Definitely Included" (D.Tel's Mark Williams)

"Golly Jeeves - it seems we've been looking in the wrong place - the rEVolution has been telegraphed !"

In fact, the Daily Telegraph has also elsewhere revealed a very understandable(and perhaps personal, property-linked..?!) penchant for the town itself - see
"Little Marvels: Britain's Top 10 Small Towns"(see excerpt below)
What's in a name ? More than can be reasonably justified: but there is simply no denying that an ebike rally held in, say, Newport Pagnell, Slough or Sutton Coldfield would definitely lack that mystical metric tonne-load of je ne sais quoi ..(or pourquoi for that matter...)

Google Map: Presteigne

Presteigne Ebike Rally 2006 Tour De Presteigne - homepage

See our previous Tour de Presteigne reports - with video links:

All Youtube'd videos - Tour de Presteigne

"Presteigne, straddling the border between Wales and England, makes a virtue of its comparative remoteness. Cheap property, small streets and old-fashioned shop windows have attracted an array of people from outside the mainstream of life: gardeners, writers, a maker of clarinet reeds, and the like.
It has always been like that. You can never tell who will pop up. There is an arts festival in August."
(D Tel: "Little Marvels...")

But hey, why wait till August?

Why not splash out now on a new electric bike - leap back into the saddle of a stallion - and join the rally in May ? (BTW: Our own current trusty steed and personal favourite by a long nose is the extremely sprightly, smart, smooth, stylish, sophisticated and very sensibly priced Cyclamatic Powerplus from Sports HQ* )
So allez-y ! Come on over the border, take a bike ride on the Welsh wild side - or spend
le whole weekend in borderline Pays de Galles - rubbing shoulders and propping up (cross/handle etc) bars with all those marauding and revolting, franglais-fluent Telegraph revolutionaries ?

(*Note re Cyclamatic Powerplus ebike : EVUK has no financial, family etc ties at all with Sports HQ - this is quite simply the best-value ebike we've ever bought and owned. But rest assured - if this ebike should fall apart, give up the ghost or lose its spirit in the next few years we will report it here !)


Watch Ebike v. Car commute downunder
Ebike v Car Commute OZ
No worries, no sweat, no contest !

February, 2010

The Reva-lution(ouch!)  has just been televised* !
Revolution_Will_Not_Be_Televised_original                                          (*ref: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised")

- by Bloomberg TV Asia

Now what was that we were saying about China, India - those "more freely and rapidly innovative regions of the world" - with media to match ?

Yes, despite the inevitable post-Copenhagen TV blackout there is still hope that the EV and green revolution will be televised - but the lead will almost certainly be taken by the less lethally lobbied and relatively liberated(the leashes are longer & looser) Asian outposts of major global TV networks such as Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC ..

View: One TV flick, four REVA EV pics:

Chetan Maini's designs and ambitions(Feb news..) are, from every conceivable angle, infinitely more inspiring than the desperately bland, boring, banal misnomer that is the .. e-Spark ..

REVA-lution Televised 1

REVA-lution Televised 3
REVA NXG - the sparkingly stylish, 2010 version of the original 2005 prototype

REVA-lution Televised 4

REVA-lution Televised All

REVA-lution Televised 2
The dull-as-dishwater e-Spark: the bold backside is sadly as sizzlingly exciting as it gets.
Come on GM - what price a little style ? If Reva's Chetan Maini can do it on a Bangalore budget - so can you guys. Or is this just one last-ditch, 11th hour attempt to Kill the Affordable Electric Car..the EV for EVeryman ? As in "Let's make something that'll appeal to the world's joyless, sallow [sic ], automotive vegetarians - and not to our all-important style-conscious, core, crank'n'piston customer base ?"

Base Notes:
- "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" Revolution_Will_Not_Be_Televised_original  Watch - and if you dare - listen to original (see also: Version 2).

- GM-REVA Backstory : "GM India Partner Reva Plans U.S., Europe Electric-Car Ventures"

("Sallow" postscript: JM from Herts and LF from Ludlow have eagerly emailed to "inform" us that our "sallow" is missing an "h". We stand uncorrected of course.
See sic note [sic !]. )

January, 2010

The not quite so revolutionary BMW ActiveE
- and the truth-exposing question that almost no-one knows to ask: could the latest li-ion BMW beat the still scandalously unreported, unapplauded and uncelebrated 2,142 km, 24 hour fast-charge record set by the li-ion Mitsubishi FTO in 1999 ?

BMW ActiveE lithium
Above: the (by contrast) widely reported and applauded - but not quite so revolutionary - 2010 BMW ActiveE at Detroit Show( Youtube)

Below: the disobediently disruptive, 1999 record-breaking li-ion Mitsubishi FTO EV.

That's right: in 1999 - 11 long years ago - Mitsubishi achieved a record-breaking 2,142 km in a lithium-powered FTO using rapid-charge pit-stops(and not by battery-swapping !)
- a remarkable feat noted by the Guinness Book of Records but systematically ignored by our corporate media - this despite our own relentless email-blitzing efforts to break the customary collective silence.
Indeed, for many years only one reference to this incredible Mitsubishi distance record - apart from our own - could be unearthed even by Google ! Later our man in Japan Eiichi Oogami alerted us to an additional article - with more photos. So here again, are those two long-hidden, rarely viewed, rarely referenced reports:

1) "New EV Distance World Record" - scroll to last page of text for photo.
2) "Mitsubishi EV Sets New World"- as this rarely viewed multi-photo report explains, the precise distance was 2,142.3 km(average speed: just shy of 90 km/h )

And as we, again almost alone, have also mentioned before: nine years ago, in 2001, a Mitsubishi Eclipse EV was driven more than 400 km on a single charge at Japan's Shikoku EV Rally 2001 - see detailed photo-report.

Yes, the inconvenient truth is that way back in 1999 upstart, defiantly disruptive Mitsubishi engineers broke ranks, broke the rules and,yes, went way too far, way too soon for Big Auto and the media that serves it(and itself..).
(cf. Toyota RAV4 EV: the UK/EU media silence is as deafening as ever...)

Why-oh-why let sleeping dogs .. 'lie' ?!
So whilst were all obviously exceedingly pleased that BMW is now working to catch up with and overtake the competition, you may have noticed that we have no intention of EVer forgetting or burying the hard-won real EV legacy that the auto industry and most of our corporate media still steadfastly refuse to publicly acknowledge or admit to - let alone applaud and celebrate.

Oh yes - just a little more BMW-related memory-jogging whilst were in the groove: the BMW MiniE - like the Venturi Fetish, Tesla Roadster etc - owes its performance - its very existence - to its Tzero/AC Propulsion-derived drivetrain-plus-battery platform.

And no - despite so many media reports to the contrary - BMW did not invent the term "EV Smile" in 2009 - see Forbes magazine(1998) and our own EVUK 2006 article re
magic car-pets, EV Smiles, Modec electric vanguards etc.(See Base Notes, below)

So again - the one burning question that almost no-one knows to ask must be:  does BMW have the bottle, the stomach to attempt a 24 hour Guinness challenge ?(ah yes - we've all been there !)

Does the ActiveE have sufficient "Efficient Dynamics" to
Break Mitsubishi's World record - 11 years on ?

Mitsubishi FTO team 1999
Mitsubishi FTO and the efficient, dynamic, disruptive team to beat...

One immediate snag of course is that the 2010 BMW ActiveE currently takes 3 hours to "fast-charge" just 100 miles/160 km of range. Thus - as things stand - in order to reach the 1999 target distance of 2,142 km  13-14(!) three hour recharge pit-stops would be needed. So, 40 hours at a standstill ..literally "charging" nowhere - plus another 20 hours or so actually moving/driving at around 70mph.
Hmm...sixty hours in total for the BMW ActiveE to achieve what Mitsubishi's efficient, dynamic trailblazers pulled off in just one day in 1999.

Base Notes:
- Disruptive Technology(Wikipedia) - term used "to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect".
And that powerful vested interests usually don't want !

January, 2010

EV's - a stimulus package on wheels

Build Your Dream Economy - BYD & DIY ...
BYD e6 Video Detroit Jan 2010 Video  - Solar Water Heaters China - New Scientist
Pipedream ? Can Britain's eco-refusenik, clunk-headed, Clarksonite car dealerships be persuaded to run green joint promotions ? (Click for clips - and join dots !)

Forget Trickle Down - it's time for green . . .

. . .  Power Up ! economics

An EV-driven, people-driven green economic recovery is possible, argues EVUK's Paul Govan -
- but car dealerships and EV manufacturers must be persuaded and incentivized to launch a wide range of imaginative greentech, energy/cash-saving joint promotions and tie-ins with green businesses, industries and agencies on a local, national and global scale.

We'll call it (remember - you heard it here first..):

Electric Carbon Trading

That's right - Forget Eco Summits-for-Nuffin and Cash for Clunker cul-de-sacs - it's time for something/summit infinitely smarter, more stimulating, synergetic, symbiotic, cross-fertilizing and poly-pollinating - it's time for green ..

- Cash for Catalysts

- Greenbacks for Green Packs

So here's the vision, here's the dream. Laid out and spelt out.
A shout-out perhaps to all wannabe and actual Warren Buffetts of this world(as in BYD - Build, Buy, Be Your Dreams....).

Get a flavour of what we hope to see and savour when we breeze by or into car-showrooms or flick thru newspapers & magazines or accidentally forget to flip channels(it can happen) during TV ad-breaks :

- Half-price solar water heaters with every EV/plug-in sold ! Save £400 on normal price !
Slash electricity bills !
- Free home energy & cash-saving kit with every EV - consisting of:
2x Standby Busting remote control mains switches.
2x Standby-Saver Ecotek socket boards(see Base Notes, below)
Plus! A dozen 100,000 hour, state-of-the-art, gallium nitride ultra low-energy home LED light bulbs (See The Guardian: Prof Colin Humphrys)
- Free with every EV: blackout-busting modular 100 Watt solar/PV starter kit. Cut & trim electricity bills. Never lose your power ! (100 watts is sufficient to power a laptop plus low-energy light-bulb)
- Free Home Energy audit with every EV/plug-in - plus special discount deals on home insulation !!
- Free folding electric or push bike with every EV - easily fits in boot/trunk. Park & Bike Ride !
- Free folding electric scooter with seat & briefcase/shopping basket. Park & Scoot !
- Free with every EV: family 30 trip bus/tram/transit pass valid for a year with every EV sold !
- Free £300 green gift voucher to spend on any energy-saving product of your choice at Home Base, B&Q, Home Depot, Currys, Lowes and other participating stores !
- Free 50 x full "Freedom of the Road" EV recharges at Sainsburys, Asda, Comet, Currys - and many other outlets. Valid for one year from date of purchase !
- £100 Green Switch cashback ! Switch to green electricity when you purchase this EV - and get £100 loyalty cashback after 1 year, £50 after 2 years !

  ... etc etc etc - the poly-pollinating possibilities are endless ...

What ? Solar water heaters in car showrooms ? Displayed next to EV's and plug-ins ?
A pipedream ?

Or Build Your Dreams ?
Sure , the green synergetic showroom rEVolution will almost certainly begin in more freely and rapidly innovative regions of the world - China, India, California - but instant web-enabled public awareness - punter power - will almost certainly persuade even the most corporately clunk-headed, clog-headed, Clarksonite countries and companies to quickly follow suit and get with the stimulus programme.


So here we are - 2010 at last. The long, painfully long-awaited year of the EV watershed has finally arrived.
No more treading water, no more drowning in excuses, no more hollow promises. The catastrophic, stuck-in-traffic waiting-game has played itself out and the fast-lane beckons ..

True - it is all sadly, even tragically, happening a decade later than it could & should have - but late can only be better than nEVer. This is surely one New Year's REVolution that won't fade away.

So - time to rEVvvv up, rEVitalize, rEVive, re-energize, rewire and fast-charge(no trickling please ..) the world's flat-drained economic batteries.
The EV genie is finally out of the bottle - let the magic begin.

Does anyone still not get what we're driving at ?!

A green Economic Recovery - people-driven, EV-driven - could be, should be, must be just around the corner. At your local car showroom, for instance.
Car dealerships and EV's serving as key job-spawning economic drivers, hubs, market motors, magnets and movers.
But it's up to us.

We can't leave it to CNBC & Co to replace or radically rebalance dis-credit-ed
Trickle Down, P*ssed On From A Great Height economics with democratizing, decentralizing, smartgrid-enabled  . . .
      . . .    Power Up ! economics.

Base Notes:

Standby Saver socket board strip   Standby Saver socket board/strip - almost unknown and unreported outside Britain. No mention yet either in Wikipedia's Standby Pages

Standby Buster remote control mains switch  Standby Busting remote control mains switches(right) - again, scarcely reported by mainstream media.

BYD Boss Chinas Richest Man Buffett-backed BYD boss Wang Chuanfu is China's Richest Man(Business Insider)
- solar entrepreneurs also rank among the country's wealthiest ...

September, 2009

Moira G's in Japan(again) -

- watch excl. new MiEV / RAV4 EV clips !

Well, it looks as if September's edition of our august August comments May have to wait a while: EVUK's Moira Govan has just up/downloaded a refreshing little pack of time-tripping
future now
clips from Fukuoka and Tenjin, Japan, where she's been teaching, learning, yearning etc ....

"Back to the Future"(RAV4,MiEV) meets "Found In Translation" you might say...

OK - enough ! We'll let the clips speak for themselves already:

We welcome you to Fukuoka !

MiEVs at the Mall:
Earth Vehicle Home Charging etc promo

MiEV promo video - Home Sweet Home-Charging:
MiEVs Shopping Mall

Two days later all 2000 MiEV's have been sold:
MiEVs Sold Out Birdie
..yes - you can hear birds twittering when driving an EV...

Shopping Mall - Lucky Dip clip:
more MiEVs Shopping Mall

From MiEV to RAV4: "Back to the Future" meets
"Lost-and-Found in Translation":
RAV4 insider
Moira' shorts by the way - according to most critics - work on many different levels - stylishly unstylish, no special effects, very pink - and yet very green ...

My 11 year(!) RAV4 EV journey: from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Hollywood(Ed Begley) - and now Japan revisited:
outside RAV4 - pink shorts

Driving RAV4 EV, very politely, in Fukuoka:
Driving RAV4 EV in Fukuoka

Driving and filming from inside RAV4 EV:
Driving RAV4 EV in Fukuoka
...sadly no twittering birds to be heard here(see MiEV promo above)

Back to 1998:
Moira London 1998 to SF & LA
Yes, 1998: watch Moira G's first beamed up by Scotty film short:
London to LA & San Francisco - a Voice in the Wilderness

Ah yes, 1998 ! The world wide-eyed web would surely soon deliver the green tech, green energy, sustainable
soluton-revolution we so urgently needed.
By 2000 -   or  2001 perhaps ?

August, 2009

August comment
Summer summary
Quiet optimism

So - you're wondering - where the EVUK have you guys been all summer ?
Well, let's just put it..spin it this way: if our Ponzi'd politicians can enjoy an excessive mid-depression, mid-recession recess at our expense - then why shouldn't we - and all their victims ?

But then again, why do we pay the elephants & bulls just to stay out of the china shop for a couple of months ?
Why not pack them off to Madoff correctional centres - together with a selection of our finest, homegrown and ever-so expert financial/political TV punditry/banditry?
And by "correctional" we mean part rehab, part penitentiary, part sweet revenge - enforced with oodles, nay, lashings of 3-line Whip discipline ...
Just add Big Brother-style fly-on-the-wall TV cameras, TV crew and .... then brainstorm for killer title: we'll go with:

"The Laughing Stock"

Talking of stocks: high-tech, electrified medieval, village green-type stocks would provide a key ratings feature -
  "In The Stocks". (with a view to permanent use on green outside Westminster...)

Ah yes - forget those rotten vegetables. We're talking live-wired Electric Shock Stocks here. Voltage and victims to be determined by viewer phone-vote numbers. Remember folks:
    "Votes = Volts !"
(Naturally, for ethical and environmental reasons, 100% renewable green electricity would be used at all times).
In The Stocks
People power - just add electric power - and Re-Volt !
Guilty as charged.

Oh - and whilst we're brainstorming - let's not forget the unique waterboarding & torture suite...where water is tastefully replaced by wine - Chardonnay, claret - not least for the interesting inner conflict and confusion it could cause:
"Aaah ! Stop ! Please - can we try the claret instead ? Gosh, I say - what a delightful nose..a vintage to die for ! " etc etc.

(In Vino Veritas ? So why not experiment with & cheeseboarding...smorgasboarding ?)

But what in the EV World - you may ask - has all this got to do with electric cars ?
Well, the answer comes in 2 parts:
1) EVerything
2) who cares ... when you're having (post-depression, mid-recession) fun ?
( be continued)

Note: this belated, just-in-time, Quietly optimistic EVUK piece will expand and grow organically - so expect even more unseasonably seasoned and august thoughts - September thru November, December ...and beyond)

In The Stocks
Stocks to Watch

June, 2009

Fiat - electric Panda - quando ?
We talk to Italy's EMN TV...

Fiat Panda Cross SUV
Watch non-electrified Fiat Panda Cross take on VW Cross

We may be wrong, but no-one out there in the ever-expanding twitosphere, blogosphere or ever-shrinking & sinking corporate media seems to have been covering most of our Fiat-focused Q's over the past few months - so we decided to contact our long-suffering fellow EVangelist Marcelo Padin - creator and co-presenter of Milan-based Electric Motor News TV(EMN TV) .

When, we asked, are we likely to see a re-incarnated, all-electric Fiat(-Chrysler) Panda ?

A quick jog down memory lane for you : Fiat did present a fuel cell version of the Panda in 2006 and indeed way back in 1990 a worthy but heavily lead-laden 2-seater Fiat Panda Elettra hit the streets(hard !) ... and in 1992 a 100 km/h, 77 km/charge flightier version was rolled out. So the precedents are there - Italian roads are paved - or potholed - with good and green intentions.

And would Marcelo prove willing to break another taboo and risk speculating as to how much influence or control the Italian mafia now exerts over Fiat's operations - dealerships, unions, parts supply-chain etc ? (But given that a Russian bank - Sberbank - has just more or less taken over Opel, is there really any point any more in asking exactly who is running the whole smoke & mirrors shebang ? )

Prego, Signor Padin, what exactly is the grapevine gossip over there in Italy ?
Here's part of what Marcelo told us:

"As regards the all-electric FIat Panda · some unofficial sources have explanied that it will probably be manufactured at Fiat's Termini Imerese facility near Palermo which was recently re-opened after being shut down for several months due predictably to economic reasons and the need to cut production..."
"I also understand that Fiat are to receive 46 million Euros from the EU as part of various initiativis to fund the development of green cars."
"The electric Panda could obviously be developed on the same platform as the Fiat Phylla - a prototype unveiled last year."

Fiat Phylla Electric Solar
Watch EMN TV report - Fiat Phylla

"As for your "Mafia - la mia Fiat etc?" question: sincerely, I really don't think that the mafia have made business in-roads into Fiat for the simple reason that it's a company that's now under a lot of control in Italy... I think that the mafia is more focused on grabbing political power..." (EVUK Ed: " just like so many unscrupulous, sordid, scandal-ridden industry lobbyists then...see Siemens, VW, EDF...").
"Can I just add that I now have a partner with an electric vehicles shop - "Zio Presti" - in Bergamo (50 km from Milan, Google map) and if possible I would like to promote some type of tourist initiatives around e-bikes or e-scooters. Bergamo is very near the Orio al Serio Airport... and it's a tourist city. "
Perfect Plug.
Grazie Marcelo!

And finally, from vintage Italian grapevine gossip and reasonably reliable rumours to a little wistful wishful-thinking with a purpose("Be/Build Your Dreams", right?)....
.... venturing one giant leap further than Autobloggreen's Jeremy Korzeniewski - we surely cannot be alone, can we, in seriously fancying an electric or plug-in version of the Fiat Panda Cross(sub-compact SUV) ?
It would certainly appeal to those millions of Americans - and eco-confuseniks elsewhere - still reluctant to fully surrender SUV-style, strut, "status".

Fiat Panda Cross SUV
Video: an acrobatic stretched giant Panda XL - a crowd-pleaser if ever there was one.

Then perhaps, at some point, wheel-motors - like those recently demonstrated by Zap and before them by Mitsubishi, Quiet Cars, GM...). could be fitted. This would also free up considerable front-end luggage space ie. two boots for the price of one or - for our American audience - a spacious pair of trunks.
And how's about a stretched Panda at last ? A - relatively speaking - "giant" Panda Stretch XL ?
A slightly longer(20 cm- ish ?) and wider(6 cm -ish) version of the standard car - again not just for the downsizing US market: Brits, Europeans, Aussies and, of course, Panda-besotted Chinese consumers would surely eagerly embrace a stretched Panda ...

Super lithium update -
- the Italy-USA nanowire connection: universities of Stanford & Milano-Bicocca in cutting-edge collaboration (see Green Car Congress, Jan 2009 update)

Sept 2009 (you're definitely hearing it here first - even Milan-based EMN TV were surprisingly unaware of this upcoming event ! ) :

Dr Yi Cui Nanowire lithium
The Stanford nanowire team's "principle investigator" Dr. Yi Cui is to speak at Milano-Bicocca university (Summer School in Materials Science 14-19 Sept '09) - click for full details

(Update: Dr Cui has agreed to talk to EMN TV during his visit to Milano Bicocca University in September)


- Original(December 2007) - Stanford News report :
"Nanowire Battery Can Hold 10 Times the Charge of Existing Lithium-ion Battery"

- Google Video: Dr. Yi Cui discusses "Nanowires and Nanocrystals for Nanotechnology"

- (December 2007) interview with Dr. Yi Cui

"Ten times the charge" - can we suggest that headline-writers adopt the term "Factor 10" lithium - or better still - the Roman Numeral form - "Factor Ⅹ" lithium?

And although researchers and academics may sniff a little, it is surely now time to accept the tabloid-friendly term "super lithium" - after all even The Sun is finally getting revved up about EV's and our own homegrown Scottish/British Kings of Li-ion at St.Andrews - see
" Wizz Brits' Battery Runs on Air"(!)  Sadly The Sun's agenda is 100%
clear: nuclear.
See EVUK's exclusive 2007 Q&A with St.Andrews'"Wizz Brit" Professor Peter Bruce.

We are currently tryng to establish - with EMN TV's assistance - if Fiat are involved in, or indeed aware of, this potentially, game-changing Milan-Stanford lithium nanowire - Factor 10 - Factor X - R&D collaboration. (Update will follow soon)
We're also hoping of course that Marcelo Padin of EMN TV will be able to provide an on-canera interview - come September - with Dr. Cui (aka Professor Cui) and one or two of his Milano-Bicocca university colleagues.

April, 2009

Denmark's "Yes" to electric cars..
and No! to nuclear power

Denmark No Nuclear EVs
Listen to DW radio's Living Planet report(April 17th,2009) in English.
Download as MP3

Yes - this is what can happen when your Prime Minister's brother does not(sssh!) work as Director of Corporate Communications at EDF Nuclear Energy (cf. Gordon / Andrew photos please!).

Or when your President (cf. Nicolas Sarkozy) does not double, unofficially, as globetrotting, lead-seeking Head of EDF International Sales.

It also helps of course if your country's capital city(ie. Copenhagen) is to host the world's next major global Climate Conference.

Read Living Planet report summary here.

(Note: DW radio - thankfully - bears no resemblance whatsoever to DW (Deutsche Welle) television - without doubt one of the most corporately correct, self-censoring, starch-suited, irony-free, executive-hotel-room televison networks out there.)

Nuclear Spin homepage.

April, 2009

EDF Nuclear spies targeted UK/French truth-tellers,activists

Quelle surprise ! Quelle coincidence !
Quel spooky Sixième Sens !
Or maybe not...

Yes - just hours after we posted up our prophetic little
Green Denmark v. Brown(x2) Britain piece above - the EDF nuclear spies news broke - or was quietly & tellingly ignored - worldwide.

It was reported by(among others):

Wall St. Journal
Financial Times
Democracy Now

- and as conspicuously / predictably ignored by almost all corporate TV outlets incl. and Channel 4 whose "green pages" , incidentally, are sponsored by none other than...EDF Nuclear Energy.

This all begs the wider question of course as to just how far the nuclear industry(and the governments that covertly/overtly support them) are willing to go - not just in order to stifle dissent and to silence or intimidate potential whistleblowers etc - but in order to turn life-time, die-hard opponents into suddenly(and suspiciously) loyal proponents.

December, 2008

EVUK Quiet Car video shoot exclusive
  - Moira Govan reports

(Quiet recap: see EVUK report "Quiet Car Co. powered by top British li-ion & wheel-motor pioneer Steve Green" )

Quiet Car2
EVUK video: Quiet Car 2 in the New Forest

   Boy - what an EVentful weekend I had.
Things stormed off to an other-worldly, dream start when Steve Green swished up at Brockenhurst train station to take me to his Lymington home about 12 miles away in his now very desirable and rock-solid Citroen Desire EV conversion which he of course 'electrified' himself in less time than it takes a gaggle of root cause politicians to bail out yer average middle-of-the-road major-minor auto giant.

Moira at Wheel of Citroen Desire EV

The Citroen, incidentally, now boasts a very real battery range of 200 miles thanks to recently,er...Zebra sodium nickel chloride batteries.
Of course it would by now be powered by nth generation nanotech-enhanced 300+ miles/charge low cost lithium batteries if...if.. our utterly / literally / irreversibly dis-credit-ed and confidently clueless political, media, automotive, financial establishment had heeded (rather than arrogantly ridiculed, ignored and misrepresented..) the advice and warnings of EV and Green Tech progressives a decade ago before the vapourous Greed Tech bubble inevitably burst in 1999-2000.
In other words, 20-20 foresight would be a wonderful thing if only the ruling idiotocracy and the incurious public at large - the malleable masses (see new climate change film: The Age of Stupid) would once and for all not just learn the lessons of history but act on them.

But I digress...unapologetically.

So where was I ? Ah yes, Lymington .... where we silently merged to form an electric vehicle convoy - a quiet threesome - led by genial Quiet Car Co. founder Vaughan Richmond and his( wake up now, petrolheads) strikingly beautiful, smart(both senses) Swiss wife.

But this was all so surreal - this feeling of having suddenly leapt forward in time from the train station through a Harry Potter-style railway-platform portal into the enlightened and brave new world we've all been hoping and campaigning for for so long ... with real life fact joyously replacing fantasy as we all coolly overtook an unsuspecting and admittedly non-adversarial £30,000 BMW on the way to Vaughan's club where we gathered around a roaring log fire to warm once again to the now red-hot topic(it's everywhere you look) of energy-saving, planet-saving, Detroit-saving, face-saving, cash-saving, livelihood-saving electric cars.
That 12 mile journey by the way - as Vaughan pointed out - would have cost the BMW driver around £1.50 's worth of fuel - the Quiet Car 2 got there on less than 20 p !

Anyway - enough blather already ! Quiet please !
Time to let Steve Green and Quiet Car company founders Vaughan Richmond, Mike Hedger and their assorted EV's do the talking.

EVUK Video Gallery:

EV Convoy Citroen EV, Quiet Cars 1 and 2 - overtake BMW and Vaughan Richmond compares cost of driving 12 miles in £30,000 BMW to Quiet Car 2:
EV Convoy Overtake BMW Vaughan and Quiet Car2
Steve Green explains how to double current range of Quiet Car2 - Vaughan relates mass production plans of Quiet Cars:
Steve and Quiet Car2 Vaughan and Quiet Car2
Steve pleads(*see Base Notes re pleading politicians..Top Gear pay deals etc) for Government funding to make affordable, 150-200 miles/charge family EV's a reality for 2009:
Steve Green Govt funding
Quiet Car 2 sets off for a spin in the New Forest:
Quiet Car2 in New Forest  Quiet Car2 in New Forest
EV Convoy:
EV Convoy  EV Convoy
Quiet Car 2 on the road - Vaughan reveals Desmond Swayne MP will order a Quiet Car:
Quiet Car2 on the road  Inside Quiet Car2
Mike Hedger on global interest in Quiet Cars :
Mike Hedger and Global Orders for Quiet Car
Steve Green describes his 200 miles/charge Citroen Desire EV:
Steve Green and Citroen Desire EV
Citroen Desire EV overtakes "exhaust'ed smokers" on route to Southampton:
Citroen Desire EV overtakes ICE-cars
Citroen Desire EV on return journey - Southampton to Lymington - approx 40 miles: Steve Green estimates cost:
Citroen Desire EV in front of Southampton BR Station   Steve Green on cost of 20 mile journey in EV

EVUK Photo Gallery:

EVUK's Moira Govan with the 200 miles/charge Citroen Desire EV (photos only):
Moira and Citroen Desire EVStage
Moira at Wheel of Citroen Desire EV
Citroen Desire EV:
Citroen Desire EV
Citroen Desire EV Recharging
Quiet Car2:
Quiet Car2
Three EV's:
Quiet Car2

Quiet Car Company homepage.

Base Notes:
 .  The GM-EVUK-Quiet Car connection - or Three Degrees of Separation.
As we mentioned in our earlier piece: when company director Vaughan Richmond began scouting around for a talented EV specialist to help convert Chinese vehicles he at first contacted experts in the US/Calfornia: one of those happened to be Gary Starr of Zap...who had read EVUK's various reports over the years describing Steve Green's unique and trailblazing(lithium and wheel motors) Jester EV project.
Firstly it was indeed a bizarre stroke of luck or fate that Steve like Vaughan was based in the quiet little idyll of Lymington.

But it gets better: shortly after Quiet Car's appearance at the Brit Motor Show in July a couple of GM engineers paid a non-covert visit to the company's modest premises in Lymington to investigate how Steve et al were dealing with the various challenges associated with in-wheel motors. Those Three Degrees of Fate: if Zap's Gary Starr had not read about Steve Green in EVUK, GM would not have had cause to visit Lymington because the Quiet Car 2 would definitely not now be powered by SOA in-wheel motors.

 .  At present - at very low speeds - the Quiet Car does make some noise. But a new and more sophisticated controller - due for delivery in January - will eliminate this so-called "cogging" noise altogether.

 .  Pleading for funds & pleading politicians.
Compare & contrast: Top Gear presenters recently demanded and were gifted a rumoured £1 million each - that's £3 million for three presenters every year
. As always our compliant, adoring corporately correct media herd utters barely a word of criticism.
No mention of the fact that over the past 7-8 years in particular the toxic, divide & conquer mantra of Top Gear has been roughly as follows:

"Bl**dy**dy political**dy PC brigade ...bloody cyclists...we hate electric cars".

Yep, that's right, £3 million a year demanded for persuading the eco-hostile, malleable masses that life is just one long heroic crusade against political correctness.

- So Steve, Vaughan, Mike - please demand £5 million - with menaces if need be !
As for pleading politicians and their media cheerleaders: after the last catastrophic 5-10 years it is clearly 95% of politicians and "expert" media pundits who should be pleading - in vain, of course - for their jobs.(Sorry guys - but those black box suits and power  red ties just can't hide the awful, naked truth...)

Black Suit Red Tie Naked Emperors  Black Suit Red Tie Naked Emperors  Black Suit Red Tie Naked Emperors  Black Suit Red Tie Naked Emperors
Off with their heads ! (ie. use them or lose them..)
That's right guys -- when all else fails - reach for those trusty black box suits  and power  red ties ...

October, 2008

Rays of Hope:
Google backs Smartgrids, renewables,Nanosolar, EV's,Tesla, plug-ins
- opposes nuclear& coal

(Conference call, Oct 27-28)

Follow the Smart Money - as smart private and institutional investors avoid high cost, high risk nuclear like the plague , who will the nuclear flip-floppers side with now ?
With John McCain, the Brown Brothers(Gordon, Andrew), Nicolas Sarkozy..Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ?
Or with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin ?

Who has an unequalled track record of rapidly delivering extraordinarily intelligent, elegant, low-cost/no-cost solutions almost anywhere in the world - smart solutions that just 20 years ago would have been confidently dismissed by most "experts" - and by the doubting James Lovelock's of this world - as impossible, ridiculous ? (clean, green) backs smart grids, smart solutions, the democratization of power supply(book etc) - whilst... and Gordon far-from-green Brown condemn Britain to high cost, high risk nuclear future.

EDF Env. Defense Fund Book
Environmental Defense Fund's smart, green energy solutions: "The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming"

Green-Brown betrayal: The Independent capitulates to EDF/Brown Bros nuclear agenda
.. The Guardian's Oliver Tickell stands firm

For the past 5-6 years The Independent has sought to attract and capitalize/cash in on the (inevitably) disaffected left with regular climate change-focused front pages and supplements - now, sadly, it all turns out to have been little more an elaborate pretext to advance the Brown/Sarkozy/EDF nuclear agenda.

So what was it that finally won over all those nominally "independent" journalists ? The EDF corporate hospitality, the rugby/rugger sponsorhip with those ever-so tasteful '20 metre-long "EDF Nuclear" - sorry, "EDF Energy" - logos 3D'd across the pitch and across TV screens up and down the land - even on the BBC ?

Funny too isn't it how EDF - like British Energy (formerly British Nuclear Fuels) have tried so very hard to hide, to bury that most embarrassing and inconvenient of core words - "nuclear".
We should all be very wary indeed when even the company name is a cover-up, a shameless PR euphemism, a bare-faced lie, deception by omission ...)

Or perhaps it was the all-you-can-eat haute cuisine that sealed the deal, the sellout-buyout with integral multi-billion Euro open sesame bribe - not to mention all those irresistible, deliciously haute couture'd PR "assistants" - so ready, willing and able to service almost any and every gastronomic and post-prandial pecadillo ?

"Britain's Family Uranium is Safe in French Hands" (Independent) - without doubt one of the most shamelessly sycophantic pieces of corporate journalism we've ever cast eyes on: we strongly suggest switching asap from The Independent to The Indypendent" and Indymedia - and naturally from to - the Environmental Defense Fund.

And of course we have seen scarcely any condemnation anywhere in the corporate media - by our single hymn-sheet corporate chorus-line - of the outrageous banana republican nuclear nepotism involved in the EDF buyout/bribe: did Gordon Brown's brother Andrew(EDF PR), we wonder, personally pour the chardonnay & champagne and pass around the truffles and canapés at all those UK and Parisian press junkets and jamborees ?
The Guardian's Andrew Tickell thankfully denounces every aspect of the sellout & buyout and lays out a summary of all the genuinely smart green affordable safe solutions that the German government, for instance, is still being robustly obliged to fast-track. (Merkel would almost certainly have capitulated too by now were it not for the country`s uniquely resolute, (eco-)technologically savvy and future-oriented media, Green Party activists etc.)

Must read: "Nuclear Isn't Necessary"(Nature)
- the perfect antidote to all those nuclear flip-floppers, vacillators & capitulators - the James Lovelock's, George Monbiot's, Sir David King's... those Englishmen, male Anglo Saxons of a certain age and background who have stopped believing that the "impossible" is possible , have forgotten that the greatest achievements, innovations and inventions have often proven that the impossible is not only possible - but that the "new possible" can transform - even revolutionize - the way we live, think, prosper, progress and evolve as a species.

September, 2008

BBC uses EV's as pretext to push nuclear & coal

Yes - surprise surprise - just a couple of months after we posted the following pre-emptive "premonition":

".. we will need all the free speech TV we can get if we're to stand any chance of preventing EV's being used as a 'fool most of the people' pretext for building hundreds more CO2 and waste-burying coal & nuclear power-plants around the globe(..not that the majority of Johnny-come-lately EV fans and converts seem to give a dime or a damn about anything except high gas/petrol prices ...) ..."

But the temptation would always prove too great for nuclear/coal lobbyists, yobbyists, opportunists and their BBC allies who have just cooked up the following cunningly mistitled crock of corporate service "journalism"
(extract from ""Plug-in Hybrid Boosts Electric Motoring" ):

This "electrification of transport" is particularly good news for the nuclear industry, which will see its share of the overall energy mix grow dramatically in the years ahead, both in the UK and across the world, according to John Ritch, director general of the World Nuclear Association."

"The launch could mark a dramatic change in how drivers spend money on automotive "juice", as the power generation industry - be they coal fired power stations such as Drax or nuclear power firms such as British Energy - enters the market. "

The China Syndrome - Jack Lemmon
The China Syndrome(5-star clip): rarely shown in nuclear and would-be nuclear nations - despite the all-star cast and multiple awards...

So here's perhaps the ultimate antidote from Greenpeace - an essential read for all proactively amnesiac nuclear shoulder-shruggers: "Nuclear Hazards: The Dangers of Operating Nuclear Reactors in the 21st Century,"

Related news - re the dirty tactics of predatory dinosaurs:
 -  Shell, Chevron, US Govt officials in sex, drugs, bribery scandal

 -  Volkswagen & Union officials in bribery & brothels scandal

Of course the above scandals involve government officials and union leaders - not journalists: the very idea that hard-working hacks could be - or would need to be - seduced or compromised by similar or lesser "treats" or favours is obviously completely outrageous.

As widely reported in the press, they always make their excuses and leave....

August, 2008

Rod Wilde: "Tell EVUK'ers to watch my new EV show on Discovery TV! "

(.. and you just don't say "No" to Roderick "Suck Amps" Wilde - alias "Hot Rod" / "Lightning Rod" / "The King of Electric Drag Racing" - a man of many extraordinary EV Parts )

Range Rover takes on Wilde electric Land Rover in Arizona desert on Planet Green..
Planet Green Wilde Arizona
Planet Green goes Wilde (Part I): the 21st century alternative to the BBC's "Antiques Road Show" - aka Top Gear

Planet Green Wilde Arizona  Planet Green Wilde Arizona
Planet Green goes Wilde Part II & Part III

Planet Green Wilde Arizona 4
... and Part IV - the killer hill climb

Planet Green - Action Planet - UK/EU Tumbleweed TV :

  - Planet Green TV is, to date, predictably(and ironically) not available in ever-so Kyoto-committed Britain/Europe - but is of course precisely the kind of stereotype-crushing, action-driven environmental programming that we've long been calling on UK/EU broadcasters to provide - still without success.

Alas, even our own slam-dunk "Action Planet" title suggestion has so far failed to persuade the BBC to do the right thing. (Memo to BBC TV execs:  for a modest sum that title could still be your intellectual property - we promise not to tell ..)

See also: EVUK-Wilde Q&A August 2007

(Greased) Lightning Rod Wilde
Born to be Wilde ...

Planet Green - New York Times
New York Times reports launch of Planet Green on Discovery Channel (US only !)

Lion on Land Rover .. and finally, from Arizona to Africa ...

Zero CO2 Rally Africa coordinator Peter Collingwood tells us that the inaugural rally has been postponed until June/July 2009 or Jan/Feb 2010.

But wait ! Are you thinking what we're hinting?
That delay need not be so negative if it were to tempt Discovery TV to jump on board... with a Planet Green Dream Team !

Headed up perhaps by Mr. Wilde himself - aided and abetted by Tommy Lee(see Planet Green's Battleground Earth) and with - dream on - Ludacris, Eyed Peas, Live Earth show-stealer ) and reality show fave Flava Fav battling it out whilst re-Discovering their green / black African roots..?

What a ride - compulsive viewing, surely ?

August, 2008

Exclusive! Quiet Car Co: powered by top British li-ion & wheel-motor pioneer Steve Green

Unsurprisingly it's quickly become a widespread blog-FAQ:

"This Quiet Car Company - who the dickens are they - and where did they 'suddenly' and silently appear from ?"

Quiet Car 2 lithium hub Yes - a gaping name recognition void urgently needs to be filled - so now would seem like a very good time to share a little exclusive, essential, eye-opening background info with a possibly puzzled populus...

Two weeks ago - just after posting up our Brit Motor Show piece(below) we decided out of the blue to renew long-lapsed contact with Steve Green of Greener Energy(li-ion Jester EV) - just to ask for a general update on Life, the Universe and EVerything Green...

"I've been working with The Quiet Car Company...." began the completely unexpected, uncannily well-timed response !

Wow - what a revelation, what a game-changer, what a void-filler !

Why exactly? Well, at this point - with major trusted(relatively speaking) manufacturers poised to move in - consumer/customer confidence is the name of the EV game: confidence in the product, confidence in the company - and above all - confidence in the long-term future and viability of both.

Anyway, we have now spoken at length again with Lymington-based Steve Green(much of what he's told us is still hush-hush) and feel quietly confident that this new but surprisingly very well-connected company could in fact be uniquely positioned to genuinely deliver on its ambitious low-price, high-tech promises.
(Odd to reflect that less than a month ago we - like almost everyone else - had never heard of the Quiet Car Company...)

Back to 2003 - and Quiet Car's trailblazing lithium legacy ...
Jester EV
Steve Green's 200 miles/charge, 70 mph lithium-powered Jester EV not only beat Lightning by a couple of years it achieved UK Dept of Transport approval - and graced a very Green wedding - almost two years before Tesla Motors, the NICE Car Company or the new rethunk Th!nk even existed on paper - and at a time when a fledgling company by the name of GoingGreen(G-Wiz) was still based (oddly) only in Leeds.

A few more essential, exclusive Green bullet points:
 -  Hi-Power lithium batteries power the company's line-up and come with a very rare and reassuring 3 year warranty. Steve tells us that the HiPower cells are virtually indistinguishable from the ever-improving ThunderSky cells that have proven so popular with grassroots EV'ers over the past 6-7 years. See long-running UK ThunderSky Discussion Group.
HiPower claim up to 2000 charge cycles and a 6-7 year life-span for certain lithium cells

 -  Quiet little idyll of Lymington(Google map): when company director Vaughan Richmond began scouting around for a talented EV specialist to help convert Chinese vehicles he at first contacted experts in the US/Calfornia. But they recommended he get in touch with Steve Green. And what a bizarre stroke of luck or fate that he too - what are the odds - was based in the quiet little idyll of Lymington(limerick, anyone ?)

   And what a videogenic location - just a short, silently serene e-drive from the Solent, the Isle of Wight, Southampton Docks(and China !), Bournemouth, Poole Harbour, Corfe Castle - and ferries to Jersey, and France(St.Malo and Cherbourg). See Lymington on Youtube: video 1, video 2
Unfortunately no video clips yet of Quiet Cars cruising the South Coast - but we've been hinting as hard as we can...(But why are many EV startups so slow to post video..?)

 -  Quiet lithium-powered E-scooter : 2000 (!) full charge cycles & 40 miles/charge ! Is this what we've been waiting for for so long ? Is this Piaggio's and Vespa's worst nightmare ? An affordable, ultra-durable, alternative to noisy, anti-social, stench-belching, EU-approved(ha!) 2-stroke mopeds ?

Quiet Car 2 lithium hub vs.  Noisy Filthy mopeds

From the EVUK archive:
1) August 2004: Steve Green's "State Visit" to China and ThunderSky factory

2) February 2004: Steve Green's Jester li-ion EV sets UK range record

  Would you like to comment on the above article? Visit Britain's leading - EVUK-linked - EV Discussion, Campaign & Media Watch Group Electric Cars UK.

July, 2008

EV Village - tough questions from cash-strapped consumers needed at Brit Motor Show!

Can it beat the RAV4 EV benchmark of 100,000+ miles on original batteries, up to 120 miles/charge, 75 mph...?
Quiet Car 2
Quiet Car 2: the right look and the right size at the right time - and wheel motors should mean even more interior space.
(PS. does "quiet" also mean the invention of unslammable last ?)

Whilst there is obviously a part of us that would like to unabashedly shake the hands and kiss the feet of (almost) all of the participants at the inaugural EV Village, tough questions need to be asked: after all, price competition and the pace of technological progress always ultimately depend on how informed, discerning, demanding, sceptical, assertive, pernickety and downright impatient consumers(once known as "people"..) are !

Toughest Question(perhaps) : How many of the EV's on display would pass the 1998 Toyota RAV4 EV benchmark test for instance - now, in the real the sci-fi year of 2008 when "partying like it's 1999" means a retro-bash 24 years after 1984 ?

Remember we're talking here not about concept promises or rolling prototypes but about 10 years of proven electric RAV4 benchmark performance as in: well over 100,000 miles of battery life expectancy, up to 120 mile range, 75 mph, regenerative braking - with around 400 RAV4 EV's still on the road in the US.
And the amusing fact is that if the unmentionable(still taboo in the EU) RAV EV was on display now in the middle of the Green Pavilion at ExCel it's likely that only the Tesla and Lightning would turn more heads.
And even more amusingly - almost all visitors would assume the electric RAV4 to be an all-new concept from Toyota !

Yes, it's a sad fact that even now - with the truth for so many years just a curious Google click away - most casual visitors to the EV Village will still be of the relatively clueless EV newbie persuasion - as in...
"Wow - things have come along way since the Sinclair C5 and the old milkfloat - eh? Ha ha !"

(Though it has to be said that levels of EV ignorance & silence are even more exasperating in Mediterranean, Eastern and "New" European countries - where the corporate, political and media establishment have been able to lose in translation bury, ignore most of the EV developments and news reports in English emanating from the US, Japan and latterly from Northern Europe, India, China ...)

So if you are visiting the Motor Show and the EV Village - please don't hide that brilliant electric light under a bushel of English politeness and restraint. Let rip and keep up the pressure!

We always find it particularly good fun for instance - naturally always incognito - to begin any tete-a-tete with EV company reps by initially selling a dummy and pretending to be just another wide-eyed, average know-nothing "milkfloater" - then gradually, out of the blue, letting slip a few annoyingly informed comments or questions - try this at the NICE Car stand perhaps:

"So - lead acid batteries are the standard option on the Ze-0 ? Hm - so how would life expectancy of those batteries compare say, to the NiMH batteries in a 1998 Toyota RAV4 EV We're talking decade-old technology there of course."(Sprinkle comments & questions with multiple "Of courses"....)

(Continuing ..)
"Many RAV4 drivers in the US say they've managed well over 100,0000 miles on the original batteries of course. In fact I was checking the original Toyota specs just yesterday: 1200 full recharge cycles at up to 120 miles per charge. So they could reach 140,000 miles if they're well looked after - and we're basically talking 1996-1997 technology. "

(Keep pressing - think of all those journalists and "milkfloaters" who won't ...)
"I mean - if you have to replace the Ze-0's lead-acid batteries after just 20,000 miles - for the best part of £ 2000 - that works out at 10 pence a mile just for the battery."
"It's not such a good deal really is it - in 2008 - 11 years after the RAV4 EV was launched ?! "
(Now really rubbing it in...)
"Don't suppose you went over to the Channel Islands to try the RAV4 when it was in Jersey did you ? I can tell you it's a great drive - no surprise that it was so popular with the police and car rental customers there."
"I drove one in Hollywood in '98 too. Tom Hanks' favourite car until he swapped it for an AC Propulsion eBox of course - an EV with the Tzero pedigree that Nissan have now imitated with the li-ion Denki Cube of course. Adds a whole new twist to the phrase "thinking outside the box !" (ie. two years after AC Propulsion)

NICE Ze-0 lead acid
NICE Ze-0 : if priced at £12,000 for the li-ion version the competition might be quietly concerned...

"Now if the NICE Ze-0 cost £ 12,000 with lithium batteries we'd be blown away - as would the competition. Might even worry Mitsubishi come 2010. But Tata will likely undercut everyone on the block !"
How long before the price of lithium finally drops ? And how on earth can NICE (et al) realistically hope to compete with the Big Boys - on price, performance, battery life come 2010-12 ..when the men-from-the-boys shake-down begins in earnest?"

And - just for fun - why not try these titillating little "Talking Points" at the Tesla stall:

"Do you have any idea how Tesla have managed to keep the price so low - at least compared to the Venturi Fetish ? Most people seem to assume it's being sold as a loss leader."

"The price has crept up a lot though hasn't it - from the initial $89,000 that the "Economist" confidently quoted when it was launched in July 06.(EVUK didn't share that optimism of course - see our 2006 comments re Economist...). That soon became $92,000 and now it's reached... what... $111,000 ?"
"And in Britain the price has gone right through the roof...
Just how much exactly would I have to pay in £ Sterling now - with the dollar so low ? £60,000 maybe?
Of course the car's being built in Britain - so it won't even need to be shipped across the Atlantic - so does that mean I'd pay even less than US customers ??"
What - £79,000 !! You cannot be Siry-ous ! That's around $160,000 - so $70,000 - or 80% - more expensive than the original $89,000 that the Economist reported post-launch in 2006 and over 40% more than the dollar price that US customers will pay. So a lot cheaper to buy in the US and import back to the UK where it's being built !
Who says Americans don't do irony ! "

"And isn't it amazing to think that you wouldn't be standing here at all and Tesla Motors and the Roadster wouldn't exist if it weren't for the Tzero and the AC Propulsion battery & drivetrain platform !"
"Makes you think, eh !? Of course the French got here first - twice - with the Venturi Fetish and the Zooop - both adopted the TZero platform as well of course.

"The jury of gurus is still out - but can you say on the record - for the EV history books - if Tesla have definitely improved on the Tzero drivetrain ?
Of course the Tzero's range was a lot better at 300 miles and the 0-60 time was slightly quicker at just under 3.7 secs - but obviously the Tzero was a much more spartan sports EV. Even ACP's Tom Gage says he won't know if the Tzero drivetrain has truly, genuinely been "improved" by Tesla unless he actually gets to look under the hood himself and take the roadster for an extended freeway spin.... "

So hopefully exhibitors at the EV Village will - by August 3rd - have been subjected not just to well-deserved praise and compliments but to copious, probing questions from an endless procession of unapologetically informed, budget-conscious customers.

And why not ? Let's not forget that just "across the border" - just outside the EV Village - in Petrolhead City - car buffs will have no qualms at all about relentlessly picking the brains of exhibitors right down to the finest, most arcane detail - as would super-savvy visitors to any other expo or fair - consumer electronics, video gaming, mobile phone etc.

So please - if you do possess an all-too rare, encyclopedic knowledge of EV's, EV batteries, drivetrains and the like - past, present and promised - don't hold back.
Let it shine !

See Smartplanet photos: 16 best green cars at EV Village.

July, 2008

CNN Asia's Eco Solutions: Eco Elvis, battery-swap EV's in Nepal, Green Tomato cabs in London

Eco Solution - clip 1:
Eco Elvis sings Compost Hotel
Eco Elvis's heart-rending "Compost Hotel" - a 100% recyclable version of the heartbreaking original.

Sigh! So many "treading water till 2010" EV press releases to wade through - eg. Tesla to build saloon in CAL, Mitsubishi to partner with Peugeot etc ...
... but sorry - all of that has been totally eclipsed for us this month by Eco Elvis's stunningly hilarious double-whammy star-performance on CNN Asia's special July edition of Eco Solutions(a very rare gem of a green TV series formerly titled Global Challenges and highly recommended by us several times us over the past 3-4 years....).

What's more, this month - to kick off CNN's Going Green week - the show was for once(by popular demand?) broadcast primetime in Europe(19.30 CET Sunday). Here in the West it normally occupies what statistically must be the grimmest graveyard slot of the entire TV week - Mondays at 05.00 UK time - presumably to ensure that only the most environmentally dedicated and determined of viewers will tune in and thus minimizing the risk of corporate-political blowback.

Eco Solution - clip 2:
Eco Elvis sings Viva Las Vegans
Eco Elvis sings "Viva Las Vegans"(At 5:25 - fast Forward past Biotour Bus and Heartbreak/Compost Hotel - Viva Las Vegans clip sadly not yet Youtube'd).
OK - while this song may have little to do with electric cars, it is an astonishingly brave piece of free speech corporate television from CNN's Asia affiliate - and we will need all the free speech TV we can get if we're to stand any chance of preventing EV's being used as a 'fool most of the people' pretext for building hundreds more CO2 and waste-burying coal & nuclear power-plants around the globe(..not that the majority of Johnny-come-lately EV fans and converts seem to give a dime or a damn about anything except high gas/petrol prices ...)

Eco Solution - clip 3:
Nepal Katmandu electric minibuses
Nepal(Katmandu) battery-swapping electric minibuses.
Footnote: in 2001 EVUK met up with two very optimistic leading Nepalese EV activists in a West London electric bike shop. But getting electric transport onto Nepal streets has proven to be more of an uphill struggle than any hitech-assisted stroll up nearby Mount Everest.... See Shree Eco Visionary homepage

Eco Solution - clip 4:
CNN Green Tomato Cars Cabs London
Tom Pakenham of London's Green Tomato Cars(cabs) - still no word on long-promised plug-in Priuses however ...

Base Notes:
Eco Elvis homepage. Monty Python, Mom and Pop were seminal influences says the man behind the mask - Matt Riggs. Why not put Eco Elvis on your personal "Watch List"? (After this subversive CNN performance the NSA almost certainly have..)
Personally we'd like to see Eco Elvis hook up with Reverend Billy(clip) and the Church of Stop Shopping's glorious Gospel Choir(clip).
And perhaps Neil Young could lend them his Linc-Volt for the video shoot - with the evergreen Blues Brothers at the wheel - this time on a (carbon-neutral) Mission from Mother Earth ...

CNN Asia Eco Solutions homepage. Let's face it, no UK, European or US-based major TV company(especially not the BBC !) would ever dare to air Eco Elvis singing "Viva Las Vegans" - so why not email Eco Solutions at - as we have - urging them not to be cowed by the Meat Lobby or any other corporate bullies, lobbies etc. who may try to persuade or force CNN to water down its undiluted green solutions ?

June, 2008

Desert solar(1% of Sahara for entire planet) could zap nuclear & coal

Sahara solar(CSP) set to solve water, energy, immigration crises.

CSP - Concentrated Solar Power

CSP Saves The World
Watch "CSP Saves The World" video(T-Shirts also available..)

TREC Desertec Supergrid
Click to watch CNN Just Imagine: Gerhard Knies(CSP/TREC coordinator)

Still confused, non-plussed, sceptical ?
As in "I haven't heard Paxman - or any other smooth-talking, smart-suited political pundit - discussing "CSP" on BBC Newsnight - so it can't be true".

This must surely be some kind of far-fetched. far-out, wacky, hippy, new-fangled, New Age nonsense - or everyone would be talking about it, right?"

Well - think again. And if you need Hollywood visuals or tabloid imagery to fire your imagination - then think perhaps of Christopher Lee and "The Man with the Golden Gun"(you see - we're not talking silver bullets here..) - and recall Scaramanga's awesome solar-powered secret weapon the Solex Agitator.Bond Solex Agitator The following eerily topical wikipedia 007 plot-extract may jog the memory:
"Scaramanga was hired by Hai-Fat to assassinate a British scientist named Gibson, thought to be in possession of solar energy information and technology crucial to solving the energy crisis. Gibson is assassinated and his invention, the solex agitator, is stolen from the crime scene...".

Well, we know of no CSP-related assassinations in the real world to date - but this fantasy-turned-reality, laser-like technology might just as well be "Top Secret" as far as most people are concerned: Concentrated Solar Power is still - scandalously - being denied the regular primetime oxygen of publicity it so clearly deserves in the context of $150-a-barrel oil and a planet in peril from climate change, vanishing resources, the threat of nuclear annihilation and - above all - from weak, lobbied-to-death political leadership.

But hopefully, with the help of a few million informed solar activists - solar agitators if you will - that familiar drumbeat "consensus"(fuelled largely by willful ignorance and lazy group-think) that "nuclear must be part of the energy mix" could soon be blown apart as CSP - Concentrated Solar Power - continues to prove itself in the real world and on an ever more impressive scale.

Main links:

DESERTEC - TREC(Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation) homepage. Clean Power from Deserts.

TREC UK - watch 2-part interview with TREC UK founder Gerry Wollf. And click here for (Financial) Guardian CSP feature - as (re)commended by TREC.

While it is true that a number of quality TV/press reports about CSP/desert solar have appeared over the past few years, the subject is still - conspicuously - not being woven into the day-to-day 'need for nuclear' mainstream debate.

TREC Desertec Supergrid

A highly efficient, high-voltage('HVDC') Supergrid would transform N.Africa(energy, desalinated water,economic prosperity) and help power all of Europe - day and night.

Sustainable security - avoiding a "Nigerian Nightmare" scenario: the technological challenges have now been met - the key challenge will be to ensure that the ordinary people of N. Africa genuinely reap the rewards - and that energy revenues do not end up in the hands of a wealthy powerful elite - as is so often the case in oil and gas-rich regions of the world.

June, 2008

Neil Young: "EV's - not songs - could change the world"

Neil Young 59 Lincoln

OK - that may be a slight paraphrase - it's music to our ears all the same.
Here's the full quote(from AP's "Neil Young Feels Driven to Work on Electric Car") :

" I thought long ago you could change the world by writing songs. But you can't change the world by writing songs. Oh, you can inspire a few people, get some of them to change their thinking about something. But you can't change the world by writing songs."

"But we could change it with this car."

The legendary Canadian(still !) songster and activist's 2007 worldwide hit "Let's Impeach The President"(official video) seems to precisely prove the "singing in the wind " point - but let's dare to hope that Neil's new-found EVangelism and - talking of unimpeachable presidents - Lincoln Continental hybrid H-Line conversion will help to change a lot more than just the way we drive.
Young has renamed his car the Linc-Volt - so is clearly aware that GM and others 'got there' before him. The Unique - or Unusual - Selling Point here of course is the legendary singer's back-to-the future focus on soulful classic cars.
The times are they a-changin' - at last?
(Click for full Dylan Youtube track - and see Dylan-Obama postcript below)

- Talking of Lincolns and presidents and changing the world - perhaps Barack Obama might think about leaving the campaign bus once in a while and cruising the neighborhood instead in a Linc-Volt emblazoned with suitably 'customized' campaign slogans :

"Driving CHANGE we can SIT in"

"It's the FUEL economy stupid !"

"Elect Electric - vote for a green, black White House"

"100 mpg Lincoln - of the people, by the people, for the people "
(Gettysburg Address,adapted)

And since it was Lincoln who abolished black slavery, the Linc-Volt seems a perfect, symbolic match-up.
But then again - given what befell another president* in '63 in a Lincoln Continental convertible in Dallas - maybe a bomb-proof version of H-Line's "Hummer-Volt" would be a wiser choice. (*OK, Obama isn't President yet - like many, we're jumping the gun a little here)

Videos links:
Video 1: Neil Young driving Lincoln - and explaining "why electric?".

Video 2: Neil Young and ace EV customizer Johnathan Goodwin of H-Line Conversions take Lincoln Continental for a spin.

Video 3: Neil Young, Goodwin, Lincoln - more.

Video 4(June 3, 2008 MSNBC TV) : Forget 100+ mpg and retro time travel: Aptera hybrid 300 mpg how does 330 mpg sound - Jetsons cartoon-style ?
London-Barcelona on just £20's worth of petrol ? Paris for a fiver ?
The 2-seater 90 mph plug-in hybrid Aptera is set for launch in the next 6 months.
A stretched 4-seater seems quite likely before long - according to Aptera' s
FAQ pages.

...from classic 100+ mpg plug-in Lincoln
Aptera hybrid 300 mpg futuristic 300+ mpg plug-in Aptera
- click to watch recent TV report
(June 3, '08: MSNBC Nightly News airs over Europe Mon-Fri 00.30 CET via Astra 19°)

Postscript: sixth sense or what ? The above EVUK piece - including the times are they a-changin' ? line - was posted up by us on June 4th - one day before the Times Online broke the exclusive news - in a very rare interview - that Bob Dylan was (more or less) endorsing Barack Obama.
OK if we use that word 'spooky' once again ?

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