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(The Sunday Times, May 2000)

Darling of crank&piston, maximum emissions car-porn junkie-dom , Jeremy Clarkson, dusts off his 1995 EV fact-sheet and in a near-tantric rant tells us where/how to get off. The UK media's EV-rebuttal, rapid-response force is legendary and never fails to entertain/amuse...(EVUK tip: for journalistic integrity on environmental/pollution issues we recommend - in this century - the Times of India (see homepage). Jeremy Clarkson of course hates, with a vengeance, the 'vegetarian' electric vehicle lobby...here, in classic 'headless chicken' denial mode, he tells anyone who's still listening that he's never heard of/driven the Nissan Altra(Bibendum Challenge winner, 120 miles per charge), the second Generation GM EV1 (140+ mpc),the Solectria Force and Sunrise(see Guinness Book of Records), the Ford e-Ka (100 mpc) etc. etc. ...and that the 60 percent of UK householders who have off-road parking should obviously all prefer to queue up at an aromatic filling-station and purchase 14-20 of petrol to drive 120 miles...rather than pay the 1.50 it costs to recharge the Nissan from home. Obviously. ENJOY!!:

Shock news - an electric car that actually works.
Jeremy Clarkson, 05/07/2000 Sunday Times - London 1GS32 (Copyright Times Newspapers Ltd, 2000)

SO, let me see if I've got this straight. [...] And what about all the guff we get in the world of motoring from the electric car lobby? The American government has pumped billions of dollars into research and every year the scientists roll up for more, saying they're nearly there.

Oh no they're not. There was a huge fanfare 10 years ago when BMW rolled up at some motor show with an electric car. But the trumpets soon turned into violins when, on a simple test drive, it shorted out and caught fire. Then there was General Motors and its absurd EV1. It'll do a million miles an hour, they said, and you need to recharge it only every 4,000 years.

Five hundred Californians were taken in and leased one, having been told that when the second-generation cars were available a year down the line, they would be upgraded at no extra cost. But when the new cars were launched, only 350 took up the offer. The rest went back to their Buicks.

* Electric cars are slow, ridiculously heavy, they run out of juice every 40 miles and, despite all the promises, there is still no infrastructure anywhere in the world for charging them up again. You have to trail a flex out of your sitting room window and across the pavement to wherever you've parked.

Imagine if everyone had to do that. Every road in London would be a cat's cradle of tangled cables. Old women would trip up. Prams would get stuck. Burglars would come through the window you'd left open overnight.

[...] It boils down to this simple fact. Give a scientist cash to spend and he'll get nowhere. But tell him that, if he solves the problem, he'll earn enough to buy an island and he'll come up with the solution in 20 minutes flat.

... http://www.the-times.co.uk/ webmaster@the-times.co.uk Copyright 1998, The Times of London. All rights reserved.

* Note: Clarkson also seems to know nothing of:
1)EV enthusiast Simon Roberts' eventually triumphant campaign to persuade sceptical authorities to install an on-street charging-point in front of his London home. (Unfortunately even the persistent Mr. Roberts has to make do with an old-tech, 50 mile per charge Peugeot 106.)
2) EV Quick Charge Technology - 90% battery recharge in 8-15 minutes.<(For more info on recharging, just 'google' it..)br>
EVUK footnote: Dearest Jeremy, It's the carmakers' ICE-fixation, and the media's own crank&piston addiction that's keeping long-range EV's from our streets and showrooms - NOT under-achieving scientists! (For more on Clarkson-style technocluelessness see HOTWIRE, "You Can Tell World Leaders by their Cars.")

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