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  (Note: this page was created in Nov 2003 - whilst the UK media has had little choice but to improve its reporting of real EV's since (circa) 2005, many inconvenient truths are still being buried and conveniently forgotten. Ah yes- "if only weŽd known then what we know now", right guys?

Must-see TV footage(Feb 2001) Americans were never meant to see...

- The Media's "Censorship by Omission".

We're deliberately giving no hints as to its content - but after watching this 'lost' 2 minute instant play video-clip* you may - if you're new to (UK)EV politics - be asking "Fine, sensational, scandalous - but what's it got to do with electric vehicles?" The answer of course (see above..): the mainstream media's endemic censorship by omission/silence (not to mention misrepresentation, misinformation and similar spin).

Sadly, even now in 2003, whenever the primacy of the Internal Combustion Engine(ICE) and the oil economy is challenged or deemed to be under threat, our loyal-to-oil mainstream media can never quite conceal its true corporate colours - i.e.'green' is nowhere to be seen.
When it comes to alternative energy and alternatives to the Internal Combustion Engine, Britain has no consistently green, alternative-minded(=left-wing??) mainstream media voice.
From the Daily Mirror, through the BBC, right out to the Daily Telegraph - eco-censorship by omission is still the reactionary norm.

Watch another short-sharp-shock video clip from the same film.

*Watch full 51 min uncensored original film. (Problems?Click here for alternative format version.)

FED-up with having your intelligence insulted by a news media that's lost the will to seriously/effectively challenge the corporate political consensus? Then why not watch Democracy Now TV (it's free!) either online or now - here in Europe - as 'real TV' via Hotbird satellite(Freespeech TV/Homa TV) at Transponder 97, 27,500 Ksps, 11,585 MHz.

Democracy Now can also be received as SKY digital radio on Channel 872 at 16.00-17.00 UK time(Mon-Fri).

  Full reception details here.
For example - watch this superb Dec 19 report/studio discussion re FBI surveillance.
And coming soon - hopefully: Independent World Television

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